Santa Daddy – Holiday Delights Read Online Mila Crawford

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I’ve spent the last five years in survival mode. The only thing moving me forward is a memory from that night with a girl that I can’t have.

Our love is forbidden but this Christmas no one will stop me from claiming what’s mine.

This book is pure over the top indulgence. Read for a good time and vibes, only.

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Chapter 1


“What the fuck are you wearing?”

“I’m a naughty elf.” Lexi curtsies, flipping the tiny red lace skirt she’s wearing too damn high up her thigh for my liking.

“You like it?” She winks once, crossing her arms and enhancing her large, round breasts, ready for a battle.

As her step-uncle, I can’t help being disgusted at my reaction to her as a man. It’s the same urge I always get around her. All I can focus on is throwing her over my shoulder and hauling her to a cave somewhere.

My brother’s stepdaughter has been deep under my skin since we met at the wedding. She’s stubborn to the core, outspoken to a fault, and very often in need of punishment from my cock or my hands with the reaction she causes in my body.

“You’re a wicked brat in need of a spanking if you ask me.”

Lexi’s icy gaze holds mine. At twenty-three, I’m twice her age, but that doesn’t seem to faze her one bit. “What’s that, Caleb?”

My cock stands at attention, and my balls burn like she’s taken a baseball bat to them, something the little girl has been doing from the moment I laid eyes on her.

I came to town for this damn overblown Christmas party my brother enjoys throwing every year. He’s been beating me over the head with this tradition since we were kids. I’m better off dead than skipping the annual Christmas bash.

Usually, I pretend to tolerate it, but since Lexi came into his life, the only thing more tortuous than his party is avoiding her.

My eyes eat up Lexi’s curves, her large tits, long legs, and perfectly rounded ass.

For five years, all I’ve thought about is her. I’ve buried my desires in bourbon and work to escape her pretty face, which haunts my dreams.

Lexi Everett.

Finally, all grown-up and standing in front of me in the shortest excuse for a costume I’ve ever seen.

“You heard me, Brat.” I edge a little closer, invading her space.

“It’s Christmas. Ease off, old man.” She purses her pert little lips as if I’ve annoyed her before her pout turns into a crooked grin. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, Caleb.” She licks her lips, her gaze trailing across my face.

I must look weather-worn and aged like old leather compared to the youthful visage she sees in the mirror every day.

Lexi steps forward and laughs as she grazes the pad of her thumb across my temple. “Salt and pepper looks good on you.’

“Don’t test me, little girl,” I growl.

My brain is unable to process her scent, infusing my mind and turning it into pure mush. Lexi thinks all this is harmless flirting. She has no idea what kind of fire she’s igniting with her innocent touches and sexy stares.

“Or what?” Her smile is teasing as her caramel honey scent invades my senses and batters my insides with the need to have her again.

“The last time you were this close, my hands were on you.” The memory I’ve tried to choke rages to the surface. The need to trail my tongue over her hammering heart is like a damn vise to my balls.

“My memory could be faulty, but I seem to remember more than your hands on my skin.” Her words are soft and breathy, meant to destroy me.

Memories assault me. Lexi was eighteen when we met. People might say an eighteen-year-old was fair game, that I had no reason to run from a girl who obviously wanted to be bent over and fucked until she forgot her own name. But for me, eighteen was jailbait, and I wanted none of that teen drama.

My eyes slam closed as I recall the moonlit dance we shared, my hands around her waist, her body synced with mine. We began that dance as a newly minted step-uncle and step-niece, innocent and unassuming. What was the harm of dancing with the daughter of my brother's new bride?

We ended it with such sexual energy that I had to jerk off in the bathroom with her name a forbidden whisper on my lips. Afterward, I rushed to the main entrance, needing to put as much distance between myself and temptation as possible. She caught me on the way out, freshly spent with visions of her, ripe and taboo, running through my mind.

If the hallway wasn’t so dark, the song so charged with lust, if she weren’t so plain irresistible… maybe I wouldn’t have kissed her.

When she caught me in that deserted hallway, looking up at me with those mystical blue eyes, I did the only thing I could think of and pressed my lips to hers. Parted the seam of her sweet lips with my tongue and fucked her mouth deeply for long minutes until I couldn’t resist her anymore.