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Five huge, handsome bikers for me to please? Yes indeed! Every woman knows about the Cannon Biker Gang. There are five drop-dead gorgeous brothers in residence, all with broad shoulders, wide chests, and *massive* machines to ride. Girls have to go through an “initiation process” to join … but I know I can do it if I try. The nubile woman has no idea what she’s in for. Xenia thinks that being willing and eager should be enough, but the curvy girl is dead wrong. With five demanding a$$holes to please, she’ll be exposed to depravity that will make her scream … and that’s only the tryouts! Sons of Anarchy? Yes ma’am, but with an added factor of five for utter insanity and debauchery! After all, John, Arthur, Sam, Joe, and Nicky aren’t doing this for laughs. They’re intent on finding a woman who can handle them all, no questions asked. The only issue is Xenia up for the task, or will she wilt before the enormous challenges before her? Read and find out! This book is a follow-up to both Two for the Win AND Three on One. Yes, more men = more debauchery, and that’s why you’ll be begging for more by the time this story is over! this tale contains questionable scenes and is not appropriate for sensitive readers.

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“Hey girl,” I greet my friend Rae while strolling into Café Reggio. “How are you? Are you psyched about summer?”

Rae giggles as we stand in line, waiting to order our frothy drinks. In my opinion, the frothier the better, and hopefully there’s a lot of whipped cream, sprinkles, and syrup too. I like my coffee to be sugary because life is brutal enough as is. Why not get a dose of sweetness wherever you can? In my opinion, it’s totally worth it even if it does contribute to my bodacious figure.

But Rae merely giggles while shimmying her hips.

“I am so psyched for summer,” she crows. “I’m incredibly happy that today was our last day of the semester because I love those kids, but they can drive you frickin’ crazy! Tell me, Xen: why did we become Pre-K teachers again?”

I grin.

“Because we love kids, we love being educators, and because we’re more than just glorified day care workers!”

After all, most of our charges are four years old, and while the kids are technically old enough for some academic instruction, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Instead, sometimes I feel like I’m still cleaning dirty bottoms and wiping crusty mouths while hand-feeding the kids who haven’t quite learned to eat on their own yet. As you can see, the line between “day care” and actual “school” is razor thin, and as Pre-K teachers, we traverse both sides of the divide.

I don’t mind though. I became an educator because I love kids, and that drive and determination hasn’t dissipated, even if I do feel frustrated sometimes. But the children are wonderful and the administrators at our workplace, Apple Tots, aren’t so terrible either. Covid was a difficult stretch for all day care centers because we had to shut our doors, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. At least, that’s what I hope.

But like Rae, I’m relieved that the semester’s over. We had the option to work during the summer months, but both of us have chosen to take time off because we’re exhausted. Trust me, four-year-olds can wear you out, and when there’s a passel of them, the exhaustion hits hard and often. As a result, we’re both going to have relaxing, carefree summers … or at least that’s what I’m telling people.

“So what are you doing these coming months?” I ask my friend as we sit at a small table. Sure enough, Rae’s drink is a huge orange monstrosity complete with double whip and a cherry on top. Mine is a dark chocolate color, also topped with whipped cream, but my cream has gooey caramel sauce drizzled on it, as well as dustings of what look like cinnamon. Yum.

Rae takes a small sip of her drink, getting whip onto her nose, and then wipes it off with a giggle.

“I think I’m just going to chill and relax,” she sighs with contentment. “You know that Hunter, Trig and I are in love, and I think it’ll be great to spend time with them to just focus on our relationship.”

I stop her for a moment.

“Hey, remember,” I say with a mock frown. “Trig is my brother so I don’t want to hear about your sexcapades, even if they’re really raunchy. It’s too gross from my point of view.”

Rae bats her lashes at me.

“Are you sure? Because your brother is sooo huge and he gives it to me sooo good every night,” she says in a sing-song tone. “If it’s super triple X-rated, I think you can look past the fact that Trig’s your brother just for the educational aspect.”

“No, I can’t!” I say with a mock grimace. “Gross! It’s too much! Eeeew, I’m going to puke already. This is my sibling you’re talking about.”

My friend merely giggles, throwing back her brown curls.

“Okay, okay, fine. Well anyways, things are going really super with the three of us, and I just want to sit back and enjoy things for a while, you know? Like to appreciate life and all that. Besides, your brother is moving in with me and Hunter, so that’s a new thing to adjust to.”

I shoot her a meaningful look.

“Yes, but it’s not going to be that different, right? I mean, Trig’s over at your place almost all the time already.”

“He is,” Rae acknowledges with a happy smile. “But it’ll be nice to have him over even more. Besides, Hunter’s excited too, so there’s going to be some serious debauchery going on.”

I giggle because Rae’s threesome is dirtier than most. She started out dating my brother, Trig, but then hooked up on the side with her stepdad, Hunter. Total catastrophe, right? But no, in the most surprising development, the three of them linked up as a trio, and not only that, but Hunter and Trig are bisexual and have the hots for each other! So yeah, I can only imagine what their threesomes are like because I know my brother, and he likes things uber-filthy and nasty. If there’s another man and a woman in the bedroom, then the fucking must surely be high-octane.