Seducing the Enemy (Alphalicious Billionaires Boss #11) Read Online Lindsey Hart

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My best friend's smoking hot brother and black sheep of the family is back home.She's sure he is out for revenge.His target, a takeover on our precious company.So I was tasked with a mission.Seduce her devil of a brother and make him spill all his secrets.I received just one warning Don't EVER fall for the Enemy.Tsk, as if I would…So what if he was my high school crush...So what if he had somehow gotten wayyy hotter…So what if he acquired a dangerous panty-melting frown…Yikes. I better go buy myself panties in bulk…So, what I need to figure out now 1. How to seduce the guy without falling into his bed (Maybe if it's my bed, it doesn't count). 2. Get him to talk (in-between kisses maybe…) 3. Reveal his evil plans (So me and my bestie could ruin it).Umm, did I mention I get very awkward when trying to lie?Each book in this series is a STANDALONE and can be read in any order.And don't forget, we are team HEA all the way! ♥‿♥

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“Dude, I need a solid.”

I’m not actually a dude, but Kimmy likes to throw that around like it’s December 31st of 1999, and the world is ready to spring into the new millennium. Y2K, baby. I’m already getting a bad feeling about this because aside from the late nineties’ wordage, Kimmy is giving me huge puppy dog eyes. They’re soft brown, and her face is all cherubic as it is, so it works well for her.

“Uhhh, how solid? Are we talking barely frozen water here, or like your Nanny’s big chest freezer that hasn’t been thawed out in twenty years and no one has dug to the bottom of it in even longer, so god knows what kind of horrors are hidden down there kind of solid?” I’m almost scared to ask.

Kimmy hedges and her eyes become one shade bigger and eight degrees more like a puppy dog. “Worse than the freezer.”

“Gah! What could be worse than the freezer? That’s like an eight hundred and seventy-eight on a scale of ten.”

“Van is back.”

Well, that definitely pricks my interest in the form of twinging lady bits, and if we’re talking the hardness scale here, and I’m being candid, then in the form of my nipples just hitting freezer level times ten.

Kimmy’s eyes narrow like she’s zoning in on my nipples, and it’s all I can do to not throw my arm across my chest and hide them. I’m saved when her irises land on my face, but then her eyes narrow like she’s trying to decode what’s going on in my head. I feel like I’m being incinerated by her gaze. When it comes to her big brother, anything she thinks I’m thinking, I’m probably very likely thinking it or have already thought it.

“He’s back,” she hisses, trying to sound tough, but it’s all bluster. “He’s staying with Nanny.”

Well, yeah, because Nanny is awesome. I don’t know a single woman on the planet who is pushing eighty and is still slim as a pole, fitter than any fiddle, and likes to walk around in every color of spandex every day of the week and multiple colors on Sunday. She’s a mystery, a goddess, and the world’s best human I know. She’s also a gravy-making queen of a machine.

“He wouldn’t go near Mom’s house with a ten-foot pole,” Kimmy continues. “That’s just the vibe I got from Nanny on the phone, though. He got back late last night, and she called me this morning at the crack of dawn—her crack, which is the absolute butt crack—at four in the morning. I’m glad she did because then I could give you a warning about having this SOS meeting in my office first freaking thing. I canceled all my other meetings because Van just slotted himself into my number one priority. He’s back to ruin my life. I freaking know it.”

“I doubt he’s back for total or even partial ruination.” I try to stay positive, gulping down a big swallow that tastes like the past, shock, and all my sudden musings about what Van must look like now and how he’s probably filled into his height and grown into a sexy man-body. That’s what happens when someone leaves when they’re eighteen and doesn’t come back until they’re thirty.

Kimmy grips the edge of her huge desk. It’s all modern in here with sleek furniture and crazy huge windows. The best of the best. Her dad was fanatical about that and a lot of other things. After he passed away and Kimmy took over as CEO, she took his office and kept it the same but changed a lot of other things, and now people actually like working here, including me. Before, I just did it for Kimmy because she’s my BFF, with an emphasis on forever.