Seven Tattoo Artists and a Single Mom (Love by Numbers 2 #6) Read Online Nicole Casey

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Who would've thought my life as a single mom could get tangled up with seven rugged tattoo artists?

My focus has always been on raising my daughter, shielding her from the scars of my past.
Love life? Non-existent.
Until my adventurous friend dragged me into Swan and Rose, a tattoo parlor that screamed trouble and temptation.
In a heartbeat, I'm thrust into a world of art, redemption, and seven sinfully alluring artists. Yeah, you read that right—seven.
Each guy's got a past as colorful as their tattoos. And despite their rugged looks, they're hiding something more.
These guys aren't your typical next-door neighbors.
They are ex-cons, each with a story that'll have you on the edge of your seat.
Yet, the connection I feel with them is electric.

Just when things couldn't get more complicated, my toxic ex reappears, threatening everything.
Suddenly, those inked bad boys turn into knights in shining armor, ready to protect me and my daughter.
Secrets unravel, desire ignites, and the intensity skyrockets.

Can a single mom like me find her place in this world of ink, attraction, and unexpected surprises?

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Chapter 1


A cloud of flour billowed over the white laminate countertops and matching tile flooring of my small kitchen, followed by an excited shriek.

“Do it again!” my endlessly cheery six-year-old daughter, Chloe, exclaimed as she stood right by my side.

Despite the mess I would have to pick up later, I couldn’t help but smile and look down at her, placing my hand on top of her head over her shoulder-length, chestnut hair that matched mine. She looked so much like me, which I was so grateful for. I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to look into her little face and see the familiar features of …well, him.

“You’re silly,” I joked with her, making her giggle. I handed her the whisk and helped her step up on her stool so that she could reach the counter. “Whisk together all of the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients, okay?”

Chloe nodded and clumsily mixed everything together, having the time of her life as some of it splattered on the counter. Oh, well. What was one more little mess to clean up, if it made her happy?

I had been a single mom for years, so everything came down to me. Taking care of Chloe. Picking up waitressing shifts at a local sports bar. Cleaning up the house. Shopping for groceries. And anything and everything in between.

However, I’d rather do all of that by myself than be stuck in a relationship with someone who didn’t care about me or Chloe. Because of that fear that someone would have love both of us, my dating life had been as dry as the desert lately. At least I had some of the best company, though.

“Done!” Chloe said, only having a few splotches of flour on her pink shirt.

“Good job!” I told her as I peered down at the smooth mix. There were actually only a few chunks that needed to be whisked out, but she was a natural.

Honestly, her natural intelligence reminded me a lot of my sister, Leah, who was currently taking Harvard by storm as an incredible hockey player. I couldn’t have been prouder of her for succeeding in not only academia but sports too. Who else could say their sister had the potential to go pro?

Despite the doubt and pushback she received from countless people, including our own father, Leah was chasing her dreams and blowing people away. I never doubted her, no matter how big her dreams were. I wished our father felt the same, as a parent should, but Leah already proved she didn’t need an ounce of his approval or support to be successful.

Then, there was me. Single mom. Waitress. Baking hobbyist.

My hidden jealousy of my sister and my guilt for feeling that way were intertwined. We both had our own strengths and weaknesses, and I tried to pride myself on the fact that I had a happy kid, and I doubled down and fought hard to get away from my ex.

That counted for something, right?

“Tonight, we should FaceTime your Aunt Leah,” I said to Chloe as I showed her how to spoon the mixture into a circular cake pan.

Chloe nodded enthusiastically.

“I want to play hockey too!” she told me.

I laughed softly and placed the cake pan in my preheated oven, the door squeaking loudly as I pushed it shut. Chloe seemed to be determined to try every hobby and activity known to man. If she saw me bake, she wanted to bake. If she saw her grandmother gardening, she wanted to garden. She loved learning new things.

“Maybe she can show you how to ice skate when she comes home for winter break,” I told her before checking the time on the stove. “It’ll take around thirty minutes, okay? Why don’t you go watch cartoons until it’s done?”