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I had been in foster care my whole life. Until the day I decided to forge my own path. Used to not having love or anyone to lean on, I decide to get a dog.

Bingo is to be my companion. Then he unknowingly leads me to my future. A future that has always been there but waiting for me.

As I search inside myself, looking for the courage to take what is in front of me, my dog begins a journey of his own and together, we find our destiny.

I didn’t know it then, but he sent him to me to find my way.

Guess that’s why they call them man’s best friend.
*Previously in the Must Love Dogs Anthology*

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“Bingo. Bingo get back here, you naughty dog.” I have been chasing my damn puppy for the past twenty minutes. I don’t know what possessed me to get a dog in the first place. Scratch that. I know exactly what I was thinking. I am tired of being alone. I have been on my own since I left the orphanage at the age of 16. I finished high school my junior year and never looked back. I worked various jobs to put myself through junior college to become an administrative assistant. I accomplished that and moved on.

I have been working for Benjamin Warner and Associates for the past three years and I couldn’t have been happier. I am financially stable, live in a great apartment in downtown Chicago, and I have a great group of friends. But the truth is, at night when I went home, alone, to a quiet house I would cry myself to sleep because it felt exactly like being in the orphanage again. So I woke up a week ago today, and decided I, the girl who can’t remember the last time she took a shower, was going to get a puppy. Yes. A thing I am going to have to be in charge and responsible for. I mean, it sounded like a good idea at the time.

I walked into the puppy adoption center, and saw Bingo. He was sitting in the corner, all by himself, the runt of the litter, shaking, scared of his own shadow. Reminded me of myself as I moved from foster home to foster home. I looked at the sales guy, pointed to him and the rest is history. Now, I am wondering what the hell I was thinking. Seems, he was simply waiting for some unsuspecting fool like myself to bring him home before he got brave and became a nuisance.

“BINGO!!!” I didn’t realize how out of shape I was until I got him. I see him running toward the street and my heart begins beating erratically. I know I am saying he drives me crazy, but I love the little guy already and I might lose it if something happens to him. I try to pick up speed as he closer to the street. Right before he leaps off the sidewalk, the heavens open up. Well, more to the point, Zach Warner, son of my boss, and the one man I dream of every night, picks him up.

“Whoa there little guy. Who do you belong too?” he asks him. I stop in front of him, a bit tongue-tied, half scared, half horny as hell. It’s at times like this I wish I was a bit braver. I see him round the office every day, walking like he owns the place, which I guess technically he will one day. I see him coming down the hallway and I hide behind walls, or water coolers. He doesn’t even know my name.

“Lynn. fancy meeting you here. I take it this little guy is yours?” he asks rubbing Bingo behind his ears. Holy shit!!he knows my name. How the hell did that happen?

“Y-yes. He is mine.” I know I should be doing something like trying to take my puppy from him, but my brain has shut down. Literally. I can simply just stand here like a moron, staring at him, imagining all sorts of naughty things I want him to do to me. Jesus. My panties are even getting wet right now. What the heck is wrong with me?

“Lynn. Are you ok?” get a grip girl. Get a damn grip. I try to shake myself out of it.

“Uh, yes. I am fine. Just making lists in my head of things I need to do. Um, what are you doing on this side of town?” everyone knows he lives in Hinsdale on his parents' property.

“I actually just bought a condo down the street. You know, it was time for me to move out. Get ready for...well ...we can talk about that later. Since you are here, how about you and...Bingo is it?” he quirks his eyebrow up at me. No words. I simply nod my head.

“How about you and Bingo, join me for lunch. I was just about to go to Mod’s Pizza and get a slice, but they also have an outside patio where Bingo can join us. What do you say?”

My heart and my naughty bits are panting, chanting yes over and over. However, my head is shaking no back and forth. No matter how much I want it to stop, it keeps doing it. What the hell. I make to take Bingo from him, so I can stop humiliating myself, and he turns away from me.

“I will give him back to you, after we are seated in the restaurant. Come on Lynn. Come with me.” his voice drops rather low and my pussy quivers, drooling in my panties. His hand reaches out and for a split second I think he is going to touch my face. Instead he grabs my hand and pulls me beside him as he begins walking.