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Nyah and her baby sister Mina have run away from home only to find themselves in a worse situation. With their car stuck in a snowbank and the temperature dropping rapidly, Nyah’s worried that they may not make it through the night. Then when a good looking grump saves the day, she finds herself stuck with a Scrooge on Christmas.

Fraser has a good reason for hating the holidays and nothing is going to change his mind. At least that’s what he used to think. Then he stumbled on Nyah, a woman who needs him almost as much as he needs her. When he opens his home and his heart to the possibility of love, suddenly he’s seeing Christmas in a whole new light.

Warning: If you like your romances cozy, Christmas-y, and chock-full of spice then you’ve hit the jingle bell jackpot! Snuggle up and spend the holidays with us

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Glancing in the rearview mirror, I see Mina sleeping soundly in the backseat of the car. She was starting to get restless but finally passed out an hour ago. Somehow the lights on her Christmas sweater are still blinking.

Snow is coming down all around us, but I’m burning up. My cold is starting to get the best of me, and I can feel the raw ache in the back of my throat. Reaching over, I turn off the heat, and it’s like every muscle in my body hurts.

I need sleep, but more than that I need distance between us and the life I’m trying to leave behind. Although I’m not sure there’s anywhere I can go to truly get away from Cole. He has friends in high places, and his reach feels endless.

He was sure to make me believe from the very start that I couldn’t leave. It’s been nearly three years since he married my mother, and she swore Cole was saving us. He took us out of our shitty apartment and made sure we never had to worry about making ends meet each week. After everything that’s happened, I would take that life back in a second.

I look back at Mina again and remind myself that if Cole didn’t come along, I wouldn’t have my beautiful sister. How she is half of that monster I’ll never know. Mina is full of sweetness because I did my best to keep her away from Cole and my mother. It was easy at first because my mother was busy hopping from one party to another. Her nights were spent out on the town while her days were filled with shopping.

There was something about Cole that I never trusted, and I knew eventually he would show himself. From the beginning, his eyes held no warmth, even when he smiled. All I ever saw was darkness. As the years slipped by, I started to see something else entirely when he stared at me.

A chill runs down my spine thinking about what he said to me two nights ago. It had been a week since my mother had disappeared. She walked right out the front door, and Cole didn’t try to stop her. That should have been all the warning I needed, and looking back, part of me thinks he might have paid her to leave.

Cole had the perfect thing to hold over my head with my sister Mina. He knew I would do anything for her. She’s the reason I didn’t move out on my own or try to leave his home sooner. I could never leave her, and Cole wanted to make sure I never left him either.

My jaw still aches from where he’d grabbed it and I tried to pull away from him. Along with a few bruises from his fingers too.

He told me to get used to the idea of the two of us being together before he stormed out of the house. I knew at that moment I had no choice but to run. Cole always spent nights away, so it was my only chance. When Mina was still a baby and I was getting up through the night, I recall him returning home between three and five in the morning.

It was a mad dash to get everything that I could. I didn’t have much in the way of money, but I stole some of his watches. My mother took all her jewelry with her when she left, and I didn’t have any of my own.

Cole bought me an SUV right after Mina was born so I could take care of anything she might need. Once I loaded it up with all of our stuff, I searched what the watches were worth. Then I found a pawn shop a few cities over before ditching my phone and taking off.

They had enough cash on hand to buy one of the watches, but I still have two more left. Who pays that much for a freaking watch? It was worth over twenty-five grand, but I only got three thousand for it because I wasn’t in a place to argue. I took the money and ran because it was enough to put some miles between us and Cole. Maybe for the other two, I can lay low in a city for a few days and sell them online. I’d get more out of them that way, but it would mean staying put.

“Where the hell are we?” I say to myself as I reach over to the passenger seat to find the cheap phone I bought at the store. The service hasn’t been great, but with how hard the snow is coming down and how sick I feel, we need to call it a night. I was planning to get farther and had a hotel mapped out, but the snowstorm came out of nowhere.