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I needed to make some extra money.

And selling my body online was the fastest way to make that happen.

But then I found out my uncle was a client–and what he wanted from me was a straight-up threesome with not only him, but my father—his twin—as well.

Content: Taboo / Twincest (brothers) / Father and Daughter / Niece and Uncle / MMF / MF / MM / Anal / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Camgirl / Oral / Rough Sex / Fisting / Degradation / Praise / Frotting / Ass Eating / Felching / Creampie Clean-Up / Light Erotic Asphyxiation / Hand Necklaces / HEA

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At first, I felt like a little slut for doing the things I did online. But now? Now I felt empowered and turned on whenever I booted up my computer and got to work.

The laptop sat on my bed right between my thighs, my legs wide open as I brought the vibrator to my clit and turned it on. I never showed my face, always keeping the camera angled from the neck down to conceal my identity.

I couldn’t see my clients, who’d paid a hefty amount to watch this little show, but I knew they had their eyes trained right on me.

I could see how many were in my private viewing room, and it made me feel even more empowered.

The vibrations were instant, and I moaned, lifting my hips a little and rolling them for my clients. I slid my other hand between my legs and pulled my cunt lips apart, letting everyone see how pink and wet I was.

With my head back against the wall, I closed my eyes and let the vibrator do its job and get me off.

This session was part of my Diamond level where clients subscribed to a higher tier on the platform and had access to other things my lower levels couldn't see. Diamond level got to see full-on pussy shots whereas the lower tiers only got tits and ass and some panty-shots where you could see the outline of my slit.

Then there was my most expensive tier, Onyx. Although this tier was my most expensive, I only had one client subscribed to it, but that's all I needed. He paid ridiculously well, and that's where the real money came from.

On Onyx, he could see penetration by dildos or my fingers, but if he wanted to spend a bit more, I’d use other items to fuck myself.

And what my Onyx client liked to see was me fucking my pussy with my fist, soda bottles, and even the end of a baseball bat once.

I created Onyx one night when I was desperate for my tuition, not expecting anyone to really subscribe. But when I’d almost instantly gotten a subscriber…let’s just say I made it worth his while.

I came, moaning loud and long for my Diamond clients. I had the volume off on their end so I didn't have to hear them groaning and jerking off.

Once the tremors of my orgasm faded, I left my legs open and ran my fingers around my soaked cunt, teasing my pussy hole but not penetrating myself with the digits. I gave them sixty more seconds of looking at my swollen and pink pussy before I ended the live feed and checked the time.

I had ten minutes before my Onyx client logged in for his nightly session. And it was nightly. I could set my watch by knowing he wanted me online at nine at night every night.

He’d given me a set of rules for tonight's session which comprised of a plastic two-liter bottle, a banana, and a jar of petroleum jelly.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, wiping the post-orgasmic juices from between my legs, and seeing that the small birthmark on my inner thigh was a little darker from the increased blood flow.

After freshening up, I went into the kitchen, got the items he wanted, and made my way back to the bedroom.

I was currently in my room of the small one-bedroom apartment my father paid for. He had told me as long as I kept good grades, he was fine paying rent and utilities.

But having my own place was a hell of a lot cheaper than living in the dorms. So when he suggested it, I was all for it. Who wouldn’t want their own place and not have to share a bathroom or have a roommate?

But I felt guilty having him pay so much a month that I’d taken matters into my own hands and became a temporary cam girl.

I just didn’t think I’d come to love it…or the money.

I stripped down to just my birthday suit–per his request–went into the private room I set up just for Onyx, and got into position.

Which meant I was on my hands and knees, my ass popped out, my legs spread so he’d be able to see my pussy and asshole. My heart was racing as I stared at the clock on the nightstand, seeing I had one minute before he’d log in.