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Stay With Me

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Stay With Me


Our greatest fears can cripple us. They can strip us of life, happiness and worst of all love. I’ve allowed her fears to keep us apart for years. Partly because I understand their root. She has a right to them. But now, I have my own fear. The fear of losing her and never living the life I’ve come to want so badly.


He’s my sister’s husband’s brother. That’s right, Bishop Love Moran’s little brother. That’s the excuse I’ve used to keep him at a distance for the past two years. Well, for the last year he hasn’t been around and I haven’t had to lie to him or myself. Now, here he is when I’ve decided that I want to find love and someone to share my life with. But that can’t be him, right?

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Say Something


“If you love me say it. Don’t be a fucking coward,” I bellow. My Adam’s apple bobs as I swallow. “If you love me, fucking admit it. Say something, baby. Admit that shit.”

She’s frozen in the middle of the parking lot. An umbrella held above her pretty head. She remains perfect as always. The opposite of everything I am.

Rain pours down soaking me to the bone. My hair is plastered to my forehead, covering my eyes as the downpour washes my overgrown locks into my face. My clothes cling to my skin, but none of that matters.

Not as long as she’s walking out of my life. Again. It doesn’t matter if we see each other in passing at family affairs. If she does this, she’s closing the one door that I want us to walk through together. She’s taking my heart this time.

“Reminisce,” I boom her name when she takes a slight step forward not turning to face me. “Don’t do this shit. You have no more excuses. I’m everything you want. Admit that shit and stop running from me.”

She turns slowly. Even through the rain, I can see the tears building in those gorgeous eyes. She’s so fucking breathtaking. I want to go to her, but that can’t happen this time. This time it’s all on her. She has to meet me halfway.

“What do you want from me?” she chokes out.

“I want you to tell the truth. I want you to put us out of our misery.” I pause and pound at my chest. “I’m what you want. The damn universe gave me to you on a platter. The one thing I loved is gone, and I’m on the fucking verge of losing the only thing I love more.”

“You don’t love me.”

“Bullshit and you know it.”

Her shoulders sag and she drops her head. It’s like time stops. I hold my breath. This is it. She’s going to break me for the final time.

I’m about to lose it all.


Getting Ready


Six months ago…

I stand in front of the mirror taking myself in. The black dress is sexy, but flirty and classy. The strappy black heels are edgy and sexy.

I bite my lip and think for the millionth time that I should cancel. I mean, it’s a blind date. Is this what I want?

“You want a relationship, and this is how you’re going to move toward it,” I mumble to myself.

The diamond ankle bracelet around my ankle catches the light and reflects in the mirror. I look down at it and think to take it off. I’m thrown back in time to the man who gave it to me and how.

“Fuck, baby. You feel so good,” he groaned.

I threw my head back as he thrusted into me. My hands were fisted in the sheets, my fingers aching from the tight grip. He never fails to bring me blinding pleasure.

It’s why I’m so addicted to him. I cried out as he pulled my toe into his mouth and started to suck it as he began to thrust deeper. My entire body buzzed, my scalp tingled.

“Oh God, baby. Please,” I cried.

“You like that, baby?” he groans. “Your pussy is getting so wet. I want you to come for me again. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, I’m coming. I’m so close.”

“I know. I can feel it. You earned this gift, baby. You make me want to spoil you. Look how pretty it looks on you.”

I looked at him in confusion and then glance at my ankle as he sucks on my toe. The diamond tennis bracelet winkled back at me as he started to pound harder, bringing me to climax.

“Fuck,” I cried out as I shook beneath him.

I laid there in shock, panting and wishing he could be the one. I loved the bracelet, but I think it’s time to take a break. I don’t want to get my hopes up. I know we can’t stay together.

I come back to the present as my phone rings. Running a hand over my forehead, I then release a breath. I push all those thoughts back. I need more than great sex.

I want stability and safety. He can’t give that to me, no matter how much I want that from him. I pick up my phone and look at the screen.

I sigh. Then there’s the other reason we can never be. Shaking my thoughts off, I answer the call.

“Hey, Saga. What’s up, sis?”

“Hey, when are you going to make some time for me and your nephews?”

“Are my little cuties asking for their favorite auntie?”

“You’re their only auntie, and they can’t talk yet,” she chuckles.

“If they could, they would tell you I’m their favorite.”

“Whatever, what are you up to? I feel like I got to talk to you more when I lived in New York than I do now that we live in the same state.”