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Stir - The Sinfully Awakened Series

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ChaShiree M

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I have always felt displaced. Lost. Angry. Half of a person. It didn’t matter that I had love, support, and a family most people would kill for. Something was always missing. Then, my father announced we were moving for business in the middle of my senior year and it was something else to add to the list of things that made me
We moved to this small midwestern town sticking out like weeds in a rose garden, surrounded by judgemental, bible-thumping freaks who see my three brothers and me as criminals and devil worshippers because we are tatted up, motorcycle riding villains. That’s right. Lock up your fucking daughters. I was prepared to spend the last eight weeks in a high school where I knew no one and didn’t care to, alone and aloof, until I saw her.
I walked into third period religion and my entire life changed in the blink of an eye. I was given a seat by the most beautiful, tiniest, blonde haired angel I have ever seen. She turned her baby blues on me and all of the oxygen left me. I heard nothing else. My heart became an organ that actually worked and all of the anger inside of me moved to make room for the ‘Pequena’ that is now going to become my everything.
I was suddenly consumed with a feeling of possession. An obsessive addiction unlike anything I have ever felt and with every passing day, it grew stronger and without bounds. She is my rib. The reason I was born. My purpose.
I began my campaign to get her and keep her. The problem, her father is the town pastor and he has his daughters on lock and key until he picks a husband for them. Over my dead fucking body.
Suddenly I know what my mission has to be. Breed her to keep her. I will blackmail, stalk, lie and cheat to get what belongs to me. I will burn this fucking town to the ground and expose all of their secrets to get what I need at the end. HER. My Pequena. My heart. The one who gave me a new purpose. I just can’t let her know what my plan is until it is too late
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ChaShiree M


Ugh. What the fuck is life right now? Six months ago, my father decided to expand his custom car/bike empire into the Midwest and make the new location a corporate office. Sure, this is good for business, but what it means for my three brothers and me is that our lives are uprooted and moved. My older brothers don’t give a shit; they are all out of high school. For me, this is my senior year.

My name is Alejandro Luna, and I am eighteen years old. I have three brothers, Manuel (Manny jr.) Sebastian and Mateo. My parents are Manuel Sr. and Katherine Luna. My father used to be a part of an MC in our hometown of Miami. When my oldest brother was thirteen, my father left that life because he wanted more for us. Now, don’t misunderstand; a lot of those men were our uncles, so they were very much still a part of our lives, but with more distance.

My father owns Luna & Sons Customs with four shops in Florida, two in Chicago, four in California, and three in Georgia. He primarily fixes bikes for people, though lately, he has been venturing into interior custom work and replacing outer material with ballistic glass and armored steel.

The business was originally Luna and Sons when it was run by my Abuelo before he died. My father had a brother who was killed in a turf war five years before my Abuelo died, so when he passed, everything went to my father. His dream was always more than just a mechanic shop, but my grandpa was old school. He succeeded in doing that and then some. This new one, in Clover, Ohio, is going to be a corporate space which basically means not only will it be custom restoration and repairs, but it will also be a storage facility for people who want to store their bikes until they are ready to ride them. He has two more corporate stores in a couple of the states mentioned.

My parents brought this to us, telling us he needed to be here to get it up and running, but the truth is, he made this choice because Manny and Sebastian were getting into shit back home with the MC, and my dad was not having it. Mateo and I are more laid back, less about illegal shit and adrenaline, and more about ink. Yeah, my dad, brothers, and myself are covered in ink. Mine is just beginning since I just turned eighteen, but the other four are covered. People see us and assume we are a family of drug dealers or traffickers or something. Assumptions and shit. But, that couldn't be further from the truth.