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“Buttercup, try that one more time and see what happens…” Elizabeth Sinclair has just escaped from a lackluster marriage and isn’t about to try that again. She’s ready to spread her wings and find the one she really needs in her life–a tall, silver fox Daddy to make her heart skip beats. She’s sure she must be dying when her heart rate skyrockets upon meeting a tattooed, young motorcycle club troublemaker. Talon Deveraux enjoys flirting with pretty women. When a petite blonde makes him take a second and third look, he pays attention. He has no doubt she’s his when Elizabeth puts him firmly in his place. Changing her mind and spicing up her life to make sure she’ll never get bored becomes his goal. Combining the sizzling talents of bestselling authors Pepper North, Kate Oliver, and Becca Jameson, the Shadowridge Guardians are guaranteed to give you a thrill and leave you dreaming of your own throbbing motorcycle joyride. Are you daring enough to ride with a club of rough, growly, commanding men? The protective Daddies of the Shadowridge Guardians Motorcycle Club will stop at nothing to ensure the safety and protection of everything that belongs to their Littles, their club, and their town. Throw in some sassy, naughty, mischievous women who won't hesitate to serve their fair share of attitude even in the face of looming danger, and this brand new MC Romance series is ready to ignite!

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“Horsefeathers!” Elizabeth cursed, losing her balance, and dropping her groceries. Strong hands steadied her, preventing her from tumbling to the ground along with the now bruised apples.

“Whoa. Are you okay?” a deep voice asked, making her look up at her rescuer.

For a split second too long, she stared at the young leather-clad biker standing in front of her, bringing a knowing smile to his face. “You could watch where you’re going,” she blustered, reacting aggressively due to embarrassment.

“I was actually just standing here,” the magnetic biker pointed out. “You dashed through the door like you’d just robbed the place.”

He paused for a moment before leaning closer to ask, “You didn’t, did you?”

“Of course not!” Elizabeth answered, jerking herself out of his stabilizing hold. She squatted to pick up her scattered items, trying to move quickly.

“Let me help you,” the tattooed gentleman offered.

Elizabeth’s face flamed with heat when she automatically noticed the way his battered jeans molded to his thighs. She dragged her eyes away before she could check out everything. I obviously need to get laid.

“That’s interesting. Are you propositioning me?” the man asked with merriment dancing in his gaze.

“Oh, holy duck. I didn’t mean to say that out loud. Sorry. Just hand me that orange and I’ll go hide,” she demanded.

“Has anyone ever told you you’re not very good at cussing?” he asked as he nabbed the last escapee and held it out to her.

Rolling her eyes, Elizabeth snatched the orange and stuffed it back in her bag. “Only my obnoxious husband and I just got rid of him,” she reported as she stood and adjusted her slim skirt back down her thighs.

She pulled herself together and forced herself to be polite. “Thank you for your help. I’m sorry I plowed into you.”

“I’m not,” he answered with a smile. Holding out his hand, he added, “I’m Talon.”

“Of course, you are. And I’m way too old for you.”

“I don’t think that’s your name,” he said. His voice held a new tone.

Commanding and dominant, it captured her attention, making her stop and fully look at him for the first time. Elizabeth swallowed hard at the steel in his gaze.

“Elizabeth,” she admitted.

“That suits you. I’m glad to meet you, Elizabeth.” He still held out his hand.

She stared at it for a second. Something inside told her touching him would change everything. When he didn’t draw his back, Elizabeth slowly placed her hand in his. Warmth, strength, and something she didn’t understand registered deep inside her. In surprise, she looked up at him, meeting his dark eyes.

“I didn’t expect to meet you today, Little girl,” he said softly.

Snatching her hand from his, she ran toward her car. Her heart pounded inside her chest, and she didn’t even want to think about why her panties were damp.

Fluffernutter! What just happened?

“Talon, saddle up. We need to go,” a gruff voice called as she fumbled with the door handle of her car.

She looked back at the magnetic man who’d just rocked her world with one touch. He stood watching her. His entire attention was focused on her. Shivering in reaction, Elizabeth jumped into her car and thrust the grocery sack into the passenger seat. The already bruised fruit bounced to the floorboard.

Starting the car, she risked one last glance. Talon had moved. Elizabeth scanned the area and spotted him just as he lifted a leg over his massive bike. She bit her lip and made herself focus on the parking lot as she backed out and drove away, hearing the roar of powerful motors firing to life behind her.

“Don’t let them be going my way. Don’t let them be going my way. Don’t let them be going my way,” she chanted as she turned to the left.

Elizabeth divided her attention between the road in front and behind her. To her relief, the powerful throb of the motors faded into the background. They’d turned to the right.

Slumping in her seat, she drove away, making herself focus on the road as she navigated her way toward her new apartment. Her lawyer had assured her she would be awarded the house if she chose to ask for it. A flash of her ex in bed with the floozy next door appeared in her head.

“Nope. I couldn’t ever stay in that house again,” she announced to the tattered bag of groceries. The oranges seemed to understand where she was coming from at least while the apples just pouted at the treatment they’d experienced.

A memory of the thin woman who didn’t even attempt to cover her nakedness flashed into her head, making Elizabeth instantly sick—mentally and physically. To distract herself, Elizabeth joked, “Come on. She would have juiced you apples for sure.” They still did not choose to respond.

“This is my life now. Holding a conversation with fruit.”

Flipping on the radio, Elizabeth distracted herself with the local news report. There were so many people out there dealing with much greater problems than she had. Shaking her head, she told herself to get over it. Thank goodness she hadn’t wasted another ten years on that jerk.