The Enforcer (The San Antonio Hyenas #2) Read Online Olivia T. Turner

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He's mean.And grumpy.When he's on the ice, he's the most violent player out there.But there's something about him I just can't shake.There's a sweetness hiding under that gruff, brute exterior.A little boy peeking out who wants to come out and play.I never thought I'd be with someone like Tucker McKinstry.But once I get past that rough hard shell, I can't imagine being with anyone else. She's rainbows and sunshine, he's dark and bad-tempered. She's nothing but smiles, he's nothing but frowns. But somehow, they fit together perfectly. A Grumpy/Sunshine love affair awaits! Book Two in The San Antonio Hyenas series featuring hockey's toughest player and the girl who steals his heart. Insta-love at its finest with no cheating and a super sweet HEA always guaranteed.

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Chapter One



Two minutes until my penalty is over.

Two minutes until I’m unleashed.

Two minutes until vicious, unrelenting violence.

My pulse is pounding as I watch the players skate past me. Harris steals the puck and makes a break for it.

Number nineteen clips him. Elbows him right in the forehead. Another cheap shot.

I grit my teeth as the crowd reacts.

Harris drops to a knee and grabs his forehead. It starts to bleed. The refs do nothing.

The home crowd is roaring in outrage as Harris skates to the bench, blood leaking down the side of his face.

The team doctor gets to work, stitching him up on the spot.

I clench and unclench my hands over and over, biding my time as the crowd boos.

They hate the Seattle Centaurs as much as I do.

They’re known for playing dirty. They’re always starting shit.

Well, I’m about to finish it.


I’m stuck in the penalty box after I punched one of the pricks in the ear. He checked our star player Sebastian Kemp a little too hard. I took that personally.

They all know I’m the enforcer on this team.

I’m here to protect all these men—Harris Sutton, Austin Gambill, Edvard Svensson—but especially Sebastian. They should know he’s off-limits when I’m in the game.

It’s almost time to teach them that lesson for good.


The game continues. The crowd gets anxious when Clint Maddock leaps onto the ice.

He’s the second toughest fucker in the league.

I’m the first.

My narrowed eyes are locked on the giant as he skates forward with a grin on his ugly face. He heads right for Austin’s back.

The crowd erupts when he slams into the rookie and sends him flying. I’m motionless as I watch Austin slide shoulder-first into the boards. Maddock kicks Austin’s stick away.

“What the fuck was that?!” Coach Moss screams at the ref who’s casually skating by. “Where’s the call?!”

The crowd is getting amped up. The arena is crackling with energy.

Every second my penalty decreases, the excitement increases.


We’re only six games into the season, but they know what I’m capable of. They know why the new owner signed me to the franchise. They know what I bring to the table and like the bloodthirsty Romans watching gladiators about to battle it out to the death, they can’t wait for the blood.

My jaw clenches as I watch that beast Maddock heading for the Swede. Svensson is fast, but he’s still not used to how we play in North America. They’re not as vicious in Europe.

Svensson crowds in front of the opposing team’s net. Someone pushes him. Svensson pushes him back.

Maddock storms over and head butts him. The Swede goes down.


I’m motionless, but there’s a fire raging inside me as I sit here in the penalty box.

I’m stewing.

I’m a volcano about to blow.


The puck flies over the glass and the ref blows the whistle.

There’s another scuffle before the game starts back up.

The lines change. Sebastian comes on.

My jaw clenches when I see Maddock eying him.

The ref drops the puck and the players explode into action.

Maddock heads right for Sebastian, barreling toward him like a rabid bull, but Kemp is fast and shifty. He’s good at slipping past hits and not taking any impact. Maddock slams into the boards, shaking them violently as Kemp skates away unscathed.

I’m going to destroy that motherfucker.

He’s going to be eating apple sauce through a tube for the next three months. All of his earnings will be used to pay hospital bills.


Maddock charges Sebastian again.

He’s a giant block of muscle, but blocks of muscle don’t move too fast, and Sebastian skates past him. He swings his stick in frustration and hits Kemp’s ankle hard. He buckles but doesn’t go down.

I growl as an angry pounding thrashes in my ears.

Sebastian steals the puck and heads for the net.

We’re down one player thanks to my ass sitting in the penalty box, but the Hyenas are so stacked with talented that we still have them on the ropes.


Sebastian passes the puck to Austin. Austin passes it back.

Maddock slams into Austin mid-ice, sending him tumbling onto his ass.

The crowd hollers in outrage. The refs do nothing.

It’s time to show this beast who’s the true alpha on the ice. It’s time to earn my paycheck. It’s time to inflict violence.


Sebastian shoots on the net. The puck bounces off the goalie’s stick and stays in play.

My heart thunders with intensity as I look up at the penalty clock.

But I don’t even need to.

The crowd counts down for me.

“Ten! Nine! Eight!”

Austin goes for the puck and outmaneuvers the defenseman for it. He hooks it on his stick and shoots it back to Sebastian.

“Five! Four! Three!”

Sebastian pulls his stick back, ready to unleash a monstrous slapshot, but Maddock arrives a second before the puck.

He cracks him right in the jaw with his shoulder.

Sebastian flies back and lands flat on his back, arms flailing into the air.