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A mountain with a legend.

A sunshine Cali girl excited to experience a white Christmas.

A grumpy RCMP officer who never sees her coming.

What’s worse than sliding into a parked car on a snowy winter day? How about when that car turns out to be a police vehicle belonging to the grumpy, yet undeniably attractive RCMP officer, Mike Cross?

This is what happens to California native Hollis Billings when she travels to a remote town in the Canadian Rockies, and it leads to a tumultuous encounter. To make matters worse, Hollis seems to cross paths with the brooding officer wherever she goes, and he never fails to wear a perpetual scowl just for her.

It isn’t until she learns he is a devoted guardian to his sweet and sassy nine-year-old sister that she starts to see a different side to Officer Grump.

When a twist of fate entwines their daily lives, Hollis quickly finds herself falling for the ruggedly handsome officer and his adorable sister, leading her to question whether her time in Passion Falls is meant to be temporary.

She also can’t help but wonder if there isn’t more to the tale surrounding Heart Mountain.

After all, some legends hold fragments of the truth.


This holiday romance was originally featured in the Lights, Snow, and Mistletoe anthology as Christmas Kisses & Mountain Wishes. It has been expanded into a longer length novella that serves as an introduction to the Heart Mountain Series.

If you enjoy steamy, small-town romances brimming with laugh-out-loud moments, a tight-knit friend group with hilarious antics, and protective alpha males paired with sweet, relatable heroines, then this is the series for you.

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Nestled deep in the Canadian Rockies is the small town of Passion Falls. Known for its quiet nature, breathtaking views, and friendly locals, this picturesque landscape holds a hidden treasure very few know about: Heart Mountain.

With its distinctive heart-shaped peak, this stunning landmark can be seen from anywhere in town. What sets this particular mountain apart from all the rest is the secret it holds. A legend that weaves a tale, stating at the stroke of midnight, under the light of a full moon, if you share a kiss on this mountain’s ledge, you will be bound to your one true love forever.

At one time, this mountain was more than its legend. It was a magic that many believed in, and it became one of Passion Falls’ best-kept secrets.

Sadly, as time passed, people stopped believing, just like many other things in life, and that magic slowly faded into nothing more than a tale. A folklore that some locals even laugh about.

The thing about magic though, is it never really dies. It lies dormant until something powerful comes along to awaken it. Something as powerful as love.


Giant snowflakes blast across my windshield, making it nearly impossible to see what’s in front of me. I drive at a snail’s pace, my foot lightly poised over the gas pedal, prepared to shift to the brake at a moment’s notice.

You got this, Hollis. Slow and steady.

The internal pep talk does little to calm my frazzled nerves. It doesn’t help that I was already running late this morning and didn’t have time to let my windows fully defrost before leaving. The air pummeling out of my vents is warm at best.

Any other time, this Southern California girl would be overjoyed with all this snow. Sit me next to a crackling fire with a hot cup of cocoa topped with mini marshmallows and I will gladly soak in all the beauty of this winter wonderland.

It’s one of the reasons I agreed to oversee the new business my cousin purchased as an investment until he finds a profitable buyer.

I’ve always wanted to visit Canada, especially the Rockies, and when I found out that the business in question was a year-round Christmas store—my favorite holiday of the year—I jumped at the chance.

It couldn’t have come at a better time since the advertising company I worked for went bankrupt and I was out of a job, which is probably why Shane asked me over anyone else in the family. Still, he needed the favor, and I was desperate for an escape. It was a win-win for us both.

What I didn’t consider was driving in these types of weather conditions, and I really should have because this is not for the inexperienced.

I come upon the lone gas station across from the lake, where the beautiful heart-shaped mountain stands, and feel my nerves slightly settle, knowing my turn-off is just around the corner.

Thank you, Jesus.

My relief is short-lived when a powerful gust of wind kicks up out of nowhere. It sweeps over my car, blanketing my view in a sheet of white.

“Shit!” I lean in closer to the steering wheel, squinting to see through the cloud of white. Just as the snow clears, I’m met with flashing red and blue lights just ahead of me.