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Ella, a desperate, newly single goth girl with a mountain of debt, would do anything to see her parents this Christmas… the problem is, her parents live on the other side of the world.

So, when she’s granted access to The Naughty List – a marketplace for dirty proposals from rich strangers – she opts to take everything and anything she can get.

She thinks she’s a good player, getting five-star reviews like a good girl and climbing the ranks – until she stumbles onto The Naughty List’s most daring group of all…

The Hardcorers.

Players who will fulfil any proposal clients ask them to, just so long as the price is right.

Can Ella be one? Can she really climb The Naughty List right the way to the top of the tree?

The idea gets even more thrilling when she meets Weston… the hottest Hardcorer of them all.

As it turns out, maybe it’s not just money that Ella’s truly desperate for this Christmas…

Author’s This spicy, Christmas, full-length standalone novel is jam packed full to the brim of dirty Christmas presents for you. Please proceed with caution. Believe me, this isn’t just about kisses under the mistletoe!

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Chapter One


It feels so weird, standing at the top of the staircase, fresh back from my trip to Sydney to see my parents, my suitcase by my side as I open my bedroom door. My life here, in this crappy shared house, is almost over. There will be no more piled up pans in the kitchen. No more grimy showers with mould all over the walls to contend with. No more limescale around every single tap and plughole in the place.

I’ve got an afternoon packed full of apartment viewings tomorrow, now I can finally afford to get out of this shithole.

It’s still hard to take in the reality. My life has changed so much it’s unrecognisable from just a few months ago.

My name is still Ella Jane Edwards. But another character has been added to the mix.

I’m not just Ella anymore. I’m a kinky goth mantrap called Holly, too – a persona I never imagined I’d be taking on.

You see, Holly is a prostitute.

A very kinky, very filthy, very well-paid whore.

That’s right. Me, sweet little Ells, is a prostitute known as Holly now. Or, more politely putting it, an entertainer. That’s what the official job title says. An entertainer working in client PR.

Polite or blunt, though, it doesn’t really matter, does it? I fuck people for money, and I love it. It’s a billion times better than slaving my ass off for minimum wage in a store where nobody gives a shit. My clients appreciate me a hell of a lot more than my managers ever did, and I have a whole load of five-star reviews to prove it.

The memories of before I left for Australia are all still so vivid. The clients I met and performed for. Everything from being chased through a park and bundled into the back of a van, pretending I wasn’t expecting it. Playacting that I didn’t want it, with my pounding heart in my throat. Being worshipped like a goddess by a guy who loves feet, after being beaten into blissful subspace in a dungeon by a Master, to dressing up for a Daddy, and being eaten out right in the heat of my period. So much craziness, and so much fucking fun.

So, why waste any time before getting back to it?

Tonight, Holly will come back to life with a bang. Literally.

I’ve been booking proposals all the while I’ve been away. Being back in London and ready to resume them feels amazing, but I’m already missing Mum and Dad so bad it hurts. Waving goodbye at Sydney airport felt like hell, and keeping my working life secret from them was getting harder and harder every day. So many times they quizzed me on my exciting new job role, wanting to know all about it, and so many times I nearly broke and told them, wanting to blurt out the truth and set it free. But what would I have said?

I don’t really work in PR, I’m a sex worker. I have a filthy profile on an underground website, and a ‘naughty list’ of the services I’m prepared to offer. I have a lot of ticks in the checkboxes, believe me. I’m dirtier than you could ever imagine. They call me Holly when I’m working, not Ella, and they pay me for being a slut, at their service. Don’t worry, though. I’m turning out to be the very best slut and I really do love it!

Sure, I can be as proud of myself as I like in The Agency circle and in my own mind, but in front of my parents… no. They’d never understand. To them I’m still their sweet little darling, with angel eyes – gothic choker around my throat or not.