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He's your first love. You're his second choice for a wife.

On the night Valerian Rossfield loses his fortune, he also loses his beautiful fiancée and so-called friends.On the day Poppy Cortez musters the courage to stop working for Valerian, the billionaire gives Poppy her first kiss.She marries him, thinking he truly cares for her.But the only wedding gift her new husband gives Poppy in return? A devastating heartbreak

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All heads turned as a woman strode confidently inside the lounge, which had been reserved exclusively for trade show participants. She was radiantly beautiful and unabashedly glamorous, with diamonds sparkling from her ears and around her neck. The side slit of her figure-hugging dress parted as she took the last vacant stool by the bar, and the men around her stared as the shapely length of her legs went on display.

Everyone in the bar wanted her.

But Camelia only had eyes for one, and he was seated right next to her.

"Valerian Rossfield, isn't it?"

Her breath caught as a pair of blue eyes swung in her direction. Camelia was no stranger to beauty. She had been adored her entire life because of her looks. But this man was on an entirely different level, and so were his brains. If only he weren't so reckless, he would have been Camelia's idea of a perfect man.

"You've been staring at me for a long time."

Valerian's words would've embarrassed most other women, but Camelia only shrugged. "I like what I'm seeing, but that's beside the point for now." She offered him her hand. "Camelia Blanchard—-"

His grip had Camelia catching her breath again. The sheer strength of it had her wondering how he could so easily manhandle her in bed if he wanted to. And oh, if only—-

"You're the CEO of Radiant."

A mixture of surprise and amusement dispelled her lust for the moment, with Camelia's lips curving at his unexpected response. "Most people would recognize me for winning the crown."

"You're royalty?"

A laugh slipped out of her, and for the first time in years, it wasn't at all fake. "I'm talking about the kind of crown that also comes with a title."

"That still sounds like royalty to me."

"My title has more to do with being the most beautiful girl in the world."

"Ah. I stand corrected. I didn't know those things still existed."

She would've found the words condescending coming from another person. But since Valerian Rossfield's reputation preceded him, Camelia had already expected to be this blunt.

"Is there anything else you wanted to say?"

Valerian's abrupt question had Camelia raising a brow. "Am I keeping you from something?"

"I don't like wasting my time, and you don't seem the type to chat men up without a reason."

"You'd be correct."

"So if I ask you to join me in my room..."

"I'll have to break your heart," she said sweetly, "since I don't date men who are—-"


"Poorer," she corrected him coolly even as his taunt had her wanting to slap and kiss him at the same time. Why was this man so damn irresistible?

"Is that so?"

The way his voice lowered had her insides quivering with desire, but Camelia wouldn't have gotten to where she was now if she was so easily swayed.

"Your presentation earlier interested me a lot." It was her turn to be blunt, and she appreciated the way his expression immediately changed. He was taking her seriously, and that just made him all the more desirable. She wanted to fuck him so bad...but not just yet.

"It was enough to have me ask around—-"

"I hope you haven't heard anything good about me."

It took Camelia an extra moment to realize she hadn't heard him wrong, and another choked laugh escaped her. "You really are as unpredictable as they say, aren't you?"

"I'm not like all the other boring fucks in this room, no."

And this, Camelia thought in exasperation, was why he made such a polarizing figure in Wall Street. "Those boring fucks you're talking about are the ones who decide whether you're a good investment risk or not."

"And you really think I'd give a damn about their opinions?"

"You'd be stupid not to—-"

"Enough beating around the bush." Valerian suddenly leaned forward, and Camelia nearly cried out as the heat of his proximity had her nipples instantly puckering in desire. "Tell me what you've come to say so we can get to the part where I fuck your brains out, and you'll love every damn second of it."

Oh, the arrogance in those words. How was this man so good at pushing her buttons and turning her on all at the same time? She hated that every word he had said was true, and that right now, his cockiness made her want to bend over and beg him to keep his word.

Yes, fuck me, please.

Camelia couldn't remember wanting any man this much.

But even so.

Money, and not Valerian or anyone else, will always be her everlasting love, and that was why...

"Vellisariou Bank gave you until tomorrow to raise two billion in capital, didn't they?"

Valerian moved back at his words as an expression mask covered his chiseled features.

"You've managed to raise $1.5B, which is beyond impressive for someone whose self-made fortune is only a hundred mil. But all that money won't mean anything if you don't make your deadline. You still need—-"