The Recluse (Texas Safehouse #4) Read Online Silvia Violet

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The days I spent as a prisoner of war haunt my dreams most nights. I’m doing my best to move from one day to the next, but nothing feels pleasurable anymore—until I find Carlo Marchesi sneaking around my cabin.
Carlo is a mobster. He’s supposed to be under guard. But when he suggests a wicked way to pay for a night in my house, I can’t say no, and I can’t hold back the real me, the dangerous man I never thought I’d be again.
Being with Carlo feels more real than anything has in ages, but he has a life back in Boston, and neither of us are a good bet for a relationship.
When Carlo’s enemies come for him, will love be enough to hold us together and help us survive to build a life together?

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I’d had a run of bad days. Ones where I was afraid to sleep because I couldn’t stand the thought of reliving the hell I’d gone through over and over in my dreams. God knows I knew every detail from every angle. I hadn’t done more than doze for at least three days, and I’d rejected all my friends’ attempts to help. I was barely willing to communicate with them when I was like this. One-word sentences were about the best I could do.

Finally, a morning came where the sun was shining, and I heard horses whinnying in the pastures, and somehow, the world seemed a little brighter. My moods were hard to predict. Maybe it was the weather, maybe the fact that I’d gotten four straight hours of sleep the night before, or maybe my fucked-up brain just decided to give me a respite.

I looked down when my phone buzzed. Rogue wanted to know if he could stop by for another crochet lesson.

Was I fit for company? Probably not, but Rogue never pressured me. If I was grumpy as fuck, he didn’t ask me what was wrong, and he always checked before coming over, unlike his brother Grant, who just banged on my door until I thought about shooting him to make him go away.

I typed my reply. Sure. Come on over.

Rogue showed up about fifteen minutes later. I’d even gotten out cold beers and chips like a properish host.

He cracked his beer open, took a long drink, and let out a sigh.

“Rough day already?”

“Grant’s all tense about this new client we’ve got coming in.”

“Oh, right. He warned me someone new would be here soon. Is this the guy getting transferred to us tomorrow?”

Rogue shook his head. “He was supposed to, but now he’s coming tonight.”

“And Grant hates when plans get changed.”

“Yeah, how the hell he dealt with all the uncertainty in the marines is something I can’t understand.”

I couldn’t help but smile remembering it. “A lot of bitching and a backup plan for every backup plan.”

Rogue laughed. “I bet.”

“He’s usually confident as hell, even when his schedule gets fucked. What’s the issue with this guy?”

“He’s the younger cousin of some good friend of X.” Rogue paused. “Do you know X?”

“I’ve never met him in person, but I talked to him when he stepped in to save Grant when his only crime was getting me out of hell. I know what he’s capable of.”

“He must really be something.”

“Based on the men who are afraid of him, I have no doubt that’s true. If it wasn’t for his support, Grant would surely have gotten dishonorably discharged for rescuing me.”

Rogue snarled. “That’s such fucking bullshit.”

I nodded. I couldn’t think anymore about my time in captivity, or I’d end up right back in the bad place I’d been in all week.

“Anyway, this guy, Carlo, is a loose cannon. He came over from Italy a few months ago after his father died. Apparently, he’s been nothing but trouble since. His cousin, who’s the head of the Marchesi family, needed to either kill him or find a place to send him, and X recommended us.”

“He sounds like a fun project for Grant. He needs something to do other than Jacob.”

Rogue’s eyes went wide, then we both started laughing. It felt good. Grant worked hard, and we both knew that. The ranch kept him busy enough without the safehouse clients, but he still needed the occasional challenge—someone to save or something dangerous to strategize over. It was just who he was.

“I brought the scarf I started.” Rogue held up a tote bag that had bright pink yarn sticking out of the top.

“The one for Ghost?”


“And you went with that color?”

Rogue grinned. “He’s going to look great in it.”

Rogue’s partner, Ghost, usually wore gray and black. I’d never seen him in anything brighter than dark green. I had no doubt he’d wear the scarf, though. He was so in love with Rogue it was almost painful to watch the two of them. At least Rogue knew how lucky he was, far luckier than I’d ever be.

“Are you working on the moss stitch?”

“Yeah. I had to pull out the first few rows like five fucking times, but I think I’m getting it now. I was hoping you’d show me something else I can do so I can make Rhys and Grant scarves too.”

“You should probably finish this project before we move on. How many do you have started now?”

He shrugged. “I like learning new things.”

I bit my lip to keep from laughing. Grant had insisted I get to know Rogue, and the fucker had been right. Rogue was good for me. I’d laughed more in the time I’d spent with him than I had in the whole year before. I hadn’t even laughed this much before… before I’d learned what hell really was.