This Woman Forever (This Man – The Story from Jesse #3) Read Online Jodi Ellen Malpas

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Living a life free of demons and finding forgiveness had always seemed unattainable to Jesse Ward. And yet Ava O'Shea offered him a chance of happiness, the possibility of a happy ever after. Their affair has been an intense whirlwind, full of highs and lows, and now Jesse's finally on the cusp of realizing what he always thought was impossible.

Love. Marriage. Acceptance.


Except for one very important thing. The final part of Jesse's past that he's kept from the woman of his dreams. Because surely Ava will walk away if she knows about the most damaging skeleton in his endless closet.

As Jesse navigates his wild, infinitely passionate relationship with Ava, the demons stir, threatening to damage their love and trust. His domination and fierceness inevitably intensifies, ensuring he's constantly straddling the line between bliss and complete irrationality.

His past is pursuing him.

His forever with Ava is uncertain.

And Jesse's faced with the inconceivable reality that by simply bringing Ava into his world, he's ultimately risked her life.

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I look down onto the docks, my hands braced against the balustrade. I can hear Ava and her mother in the kitchen chatting. Everyone else has left after what was a lovely evening on the terrace, a fine meal, a proposal. But Ava’s parents are still here, and I might need to physically escort them out.

“Good view.”

I look over my shoulder and find Joseph on the threshold of the terrace, hands in his pockets. “I can’t say I ever really appreciated it before.”

“Mind if I join you?”

I smile mildly to myself. “Sure.” I can’t claim to know Joseph particularly well, but I do know he’s a man of few words and each one carries weight. I hear him approach and see him in my peripheral vision, joining me to look out across the city. The black sky is illuminated with windows of yellow lights. The moonlight is bouncing off the water. It really is spectacular.

“They’re talking about dresses and décor,” he says, rolling his eyes when I look at him. “Well, Elizabeth is doing most of the talking.”

I laugh under my breath. I can imagine. But she’s wasting her time. By tomorrow evening, everything will be in place. “Thanks for coming all this way.”

“Thanks for hosting us.”

“No problem,” I answer, and a lingering silence falls, not particularly uncomfortable but definitely loud. So I break it. “Is something on your mind, Joseph?” I ask, and this time it’s him laughing under his breath.

“Is it obvious?”

“Well, I know you didn’t come out here to join me in a romantic moment to take in the view.” I face him, showing him I’m ready to tackle whatever he’s going to hit me with. “Please, speak freely.”

He nods, mirroring me, looking back at the doors into the penthouse, where his wife and daughter are, before giving me his eyes. “Is Ava okay?”

I can’t hide my recoil. I wasn’t expecting that question. Can’t they see she’s fine? That I’m looking after her? Always will. “Is she okay?” I parrot, hoping he’ll elaborate.

“She seems a little . . . distracted.”

I can still hear Elizabeth rabbiting on about God knows what. Distracted. “I think she’s a little overwhelmed,” I say quietly.

“And pale.”

I shoot my eyes to Joseph. What the hell do I say? Tell him she’s ignoring all the signs that she’s pregnant?

But is she pregnant? The doctor said she wasn’t. He also said it may be too early to tell. There’s a box full of pregnancy tests hidden in the laundry room that could answer the question once and for all. Or her imminent period will. I’ve done the mental math. She’s due in a couple of weeks. Can I wait that long to know beyond doubt? Ava’s insisting on condoms. She’s also asked me outright what I’ve been doing with her pills. So she knows of my sins. Or, at least, that one.

And yet she still agreed to marry me. Fuck, I’m so fucking confused by all of these mixed messages. Distracted. Her father has noticed. “I’ll keep an eye on her,” I say quietly, wondering how I’ll handle this. Delicately is that answer. Problem is, I’m Jesse Ward. Not exactly known for a soft approach. I do try, though. I fail, but I try. I can’t fail this time. I clear my throat. “Do you have my number, Joseph?” I ask, pulling out my mobile, prompting him to get his. “I’m sure she’s fine.”

“I’m sure,” he says, albeit with hesitance he can’t hide.

Fuck, is he doubting me? Has Ava’s brother been pouring poison in his ear? “I’ll look after her,” I say, not for the first time, trying to squash any lingering reservations Joseph may have about the man his daughter’s marrying, regardless of the fact that he should be bursting with reservations. Fuck it all to hell. My perfect evening feels like it’s slipping down the pan, Joseph’s doubts unearthing my own. Has Ava changed her mind about marrying me? Did she say yes out of ease or embarrassment?