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It was not supposed to end like this.

We were supposed to be together forever, but our world erupted into chaos instead.

I’ll fight until the very end, but will it be enough?

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Huddled behind a large tree, I stay hiding from everyone passing by. Not that there are a lot of people driving out here, but I can’t be sure Ren… no, River, isn’t looking for me yet. Even with everything he’s done, I still feel bad about leaving the way I did. I’m worried he is hurt, angry, and alone. But I know I can’t help him, at least not on my own. I don’t know much about split personality disorder. Really only from movies and TV shows and those never showed me how to treat it. All I know is that Ren turns into a different person, literally. A person who dislikes me very much.

Now that I think about it, I feel stupid for not seeing it before. The sudden mood changes, the seemingly forgotten conversations, the way I never got to meet River or even hear his voice. It all seems so obvious now. I guess I was blinded by love. I didn’t want to believe that there was something wrong with our relationship. I waited so long to be with Ren. I didn’t want to see the red flags until it was too late.

The wind blows harshly around me as the sun sets on the horizon. With my back against the rough bark of the tree, I cross my arms in front of my chest to keep warm, just as I hear the sound of car engines approaching. Carefully, I peek around the tree to the parking lot of the gas station I told my dad I would be. Only when I see the family black SVU pull up into an empty spot, do I perk up. I wait another beat before the back door opens and a large man dressed in a dark gray suit steps out. Dad.

Without another thought, I duck around the tree and run toward my father. He has his back turned to me, but as soon as he hears me approach, he spins around. His dark, wary eyes light up when he sees me. He opens his arms just as I slam into his chest, harshly. Burying my nose into his suit jacket, I let the familiar scent of his cologne calm me down. He wraps his strong arms around me, pulling me closer until I can barely breathe.

“Jesus, Scarlet, do you not have any idea how worried we were?” he murmurs into my hair before kissing the crown of my head, still not willing to let me go.

Usually, there is no show of affection in public. My dad has to uphold a certain image in front of his people and even the civilians. An image that doesn’t allow to show any kind of emotions. My father is one of the most feared men in the state, and he prides himself on keeping it that way. But today is not a normal day, and the situation is anything but usual.

“I’m so sorry I worried you, but I promise I’m fine. I’ve been fine this whole time.”

He gives me one last squeeze before releasing me reluctantly. I straighten up just to see my brother standing a few feet away from us.

“Hey, sis,” he greets me, his eyes soft, brimming with happiness.

“Quinton.” I sigh, stepping into my brother’s bear hug next. “If he hurt you, I’ll kill him,” he whispers into my ear during our embrace.

“I know, but he didn’t,” I swear, barely able to get the word out while I’m getting squeezed tightly.

My brother releases me and only now do I realize how I’m shaking.

“Let’s get you into the car.” My father ushers me to the backseat of the SUV while Quinton takes the passenger seat.

Tony, one of my father’s drivers, gives me a courtesy nod in the back mirror as I settle into the leather seat. My father slides in beside me.

“You need to tell me where he is, Scarlet. Where is Ren?” My dad questions. “I already have back up on the way to search the area.”

My heart slams against my chest, thinking about what will happen if my father’s men find him right now. I told Ren I don’t believe my dad would kill him, but the truth is, I can’t be sure what would happen, especially now. What if they find him and he is still River?

“Ren is gone,” I finally say.

“Don’t lie to me, Scarlet. You need to tell me the truth.”

“I am, Ren is gone…” A wave of emotion overcomes me, pressure building behind my eyes as the tears start to fall down my face. My Ren is gone, and I don’t know how to get him back. “We were staying together in a cabin not far from here. But when I left, he was not Ren anymore.”

“What do you mean by that?” Quinton asks from the front seat.