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I was destined to marry another man when I first met Dawson.
He was charming, deadly, and everything my father hated.
And I lived by my father’s rule, which happens when he’s a king of the underworld.
That was until I managed to escape and somehow straight into the arms of the man who sells your desires for a living.
But did I have a price?
Or was he willing to share me for free?


Innocent and breathtakingly beautiful, she was as her name described.
Honey suited her perfectly in all senses of the word—soft, sweet, and a little sticky.
My world and hers should not have mixed.

But something as sweet as honey is meant to be enjoyed.


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Be a good girl and don’t think about dick.

Stop thinking about his dick.




Argh. How is that all I can think about?

My sister dances with Crue, the hem of her ankle-length white dress flowing across the floor. And if I’m being candid, I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen her in white. Dawson and I are dancing together in slow motion. And I can feel him.

“Did you just say…” He shakes his head.

“Huh?” I reply, confused. Looking up at his bluer-than-blue eyes, I’m almost taken aback. Not only with his eyes, but Dawson is beautiful., charming, and he has everything. The perfect jawbone, straight and faultless, to his long lashes fanning those blue eyes. Jealous really. His hair, mocha in colour is slicked back, but not in a bad way. It’s more like, I want to run my hands through it to mess it up, badly.

“You said dick.”

Well, shit.

Knowing there’s no way I can dig myself out of that one, I lean in and sheepishly whisper, “Yes, I’m pretty sure I can feel your dick.”

He stops moving and stares at me, his magnificent jaw locks. I can’t believe I said that to a man I hardly know, and I instantly feel the heat flushing my cheeks. I look away, but his hand cups my chin and pulls me back to meet his gaze.

“Does that bother you?”




“Yes,” I say, and I can’t tell if it’s a lie.

Does it really bother me? Not really, but it’s all I can think about because this man is beyond ridiculously attractive. How could it not be my focus? And on the middle of a dance floor surrounded by family and strangers, it’s the last thing I should be thinking about.

With the façade of a gentleman, he pulls away and walks off the dance floor. And I’m left standing here, dumbfounded and wondering how the change of events happened so quickly these last two weeks.

Obviously, I know…

I was engaged to my sister’s husband.

Today is their wedding day.

Weird, some might say.

But I never once kissed or even touched Crue in any way. It was an arranged marriage, and being the good girl I am, I was going to go through with it since my sister refused.

Rya left the country to get away from marrying him. Yet here we are, dancing at her wedding as she looks up at her husband with such love, and now I am left wondering if I will ever have what she has. I mean, I thought it was what I wanted because I was told the position was mine.

I’ve always been watched, told how to act, and praised for my submission. Because if Rya wasn’t here to do her duty as the eldest daughter, I had to be the backup. But now, with the marriage contract complete, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or what I’m even good for.

I’ve played the good girl for so long that I don’t know who I am outside of this role. No longer obligated by a looming contract with the families, I still have no idea who I am.

I’m still a goddamn virgin, for God’s sake.

I don’t want to be a twenty-seven-year-old virgin.

And it’s not like I haven’t done other intimate things, but I planned to keep my virginity for my husband. I want to give him that because I was told, virginity is to be cherished and special.

I mean, I’m not a complete saint—I have sucked some cocks in my life. I even had a man go down on me. However, I didn’t quite enjoy that.

But the cock sucking part? Well, I liked the power I held. I wasn’t giving them everything, but I could still dabble in being what might be considered naughty.

“Honey, are you okay?” my sister asks, snapping me out of my thoughts. I don’t particularly appreciate how Dawson arouses these feelings and curiosity. It’s like I want to explore and find myself through him because why the fuck not?

He’s so attractive.

But he’s completely off-limits.

And probably the fantasy of every other woman here.

And if I told others I’m a virgin, they’d probably laugh at me.

“Honey,” my sister repeats worriedly.

“Did I tell you that I’m still a virgin?” I ask her.

Crue coughs from behind her. I know he heard me, but I don’t care. The man’s now basically my brother, right? But he’s the type you’d never want to get on the wrong side of because you know he’ll bury you six feet under if you piss him off, family or not.

“Father said I don’t have to marry now that you’ve completed the contract between the families, and to be honest, I don’t know what to do—” I stop abruptly, realizing I’ve disclosed way too much, especially on what is meant to be her special day. “I’m sorry. I’m being super insensitive.” I change the subject. “The champagne’s nice. Maybe I should get another glass.” Shut up, Honey, and stop nervously blubbering. You look like a damn idiot.