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A deadly dance of love and danger…

Whispers of urban legends surround Nikolai, shrouding him in an aura of disconcerting mystery. Tattooed and silver-eyed, he's a rugged, hard-working blacksmith who cherishes his peace and solitude above all else. But his tranquil world comes crashing down when he finds himself at the heart of a local murder investigation.

Enter Porsche Lee, a tenacious private investigator and a brilliant, retired Boston homicide detective who's just started a new chapter in the quaint coastal town of Portland, Maine. A compelling case pulls her out of retirement, forcing her to dust off her police cap and pursue a cunning serial killer.

Nikolai has no patience for nosy cops and town gossip, but when he crosses paths with the private investigator tailing him, he wastes no time in trying to become her number one lover instead of her prime suspect.

As Porsche sits face to face with Nikolai, her understanding of human nature is shaken to the core. She's torn between her instincts and an irresistible attraction that defies all logic. Amidst dangerous twists and treachery woven into their lives, Porsche must confront the possibility of falling for a cold-blooded killer or uncovering the truth behind Nikolai's enigmatic facade.

In the enchanting backdrop of coastal lighthouses and savory lobster dishes, their scenic ride takes a dark, unexpected turn. Murder, lust, and love intertwine, binding Porsche and Nikolai in a thrilling web of uncertainty. Join them on an electrifying journey along the sea in this heart-pounding romantic suspense thriller, where love and danger collide, and the ride promises to be nothing short of tumultuous.

From USA Today bestselling author Tiana Laveen comes a twisted romantic whodunnit, packed with suspense and passion. Whispers of the Raven is an exciting, forbidden love, contemporary romance. It is a standalone novel with a HEA (Happily-ever-after). This book includes mature themes and content that may not be suitable for all audiences; reader discretion is advised. Please look inside under the ‘Trigger Warnings’ for possible topics that may be deemed personally objectionable.

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Police Captain Dakota White had far too much on his mind. He’d just finished looking at the gruesome photographs of a recent crime scene, and no matter how he tried to fight it, dismiss it, make sense of it, something terrible was going on—and it didn’t add up.

This was the fourth body to wash up on the shore of Old Orchard Beach in the last two months. Another male, this one in his mid-twenties. His exposed pale flesh was showing signs of vascular marbling. His arms pictured elaborate and silly tattoos—smoking mushrooms and detailed angels of death. His biceps and forearms were covered in puncture marks from needles, sores and scabs, and his eyes were dull and flat. Sunken into a snow-white face. The mop of messy brown hair on his head was jam-packed with debris, tiny seashells, and seaweed, and the nauseating odor from his remains drifted towards the mainland, making the rookie cops nearby woozy. The sea had bloated the corpse to three times its normal size. His ankles barely fit into his waterlogged socks and sneakers, one of which was missing.

The police arranged for the coroner to collect the cadaver. On him, they found a wallet with an intact license: Clark Johnson from South Portland. This discovery led them to an intriguing development: an ex-police officer turned private investigator, Officer Lee, had been searching for Clark Johnson. She provided a detailed list of his last known whereabouts. He admittedly didn’t pay her much attention after she announced that she was a P.I.—once Lead Homicide Detective Lee, now Private Investigator Lee.

According to her findings, he was last seen in that area, and he’d headed to the beach with a group of guys from a watering hole. This was the first the police had heard of that, but at the time, there was no evidence to prove her right or wrong. He made a note of it all the same. After visiting his precinct, she stated her intention to interview more of the locals to find this missing Clark Johnson person, which in turn they strongly asked her not to do. She of all people should have realized what toes she was stepping on by doing such.

Now, that was a moot point for the man in question turned up dead.

He gritted his teeth and ignored his phone that rang at his desk. He needed a minute to compose himself, get his thoughts in order. The media was already discussing the story, and the conspiracy theories had started to abound, creating a menagerie of false information and ridiculous rumors. Unfortunately, now they had this outsider who was equipped to stir the pot. Someone of his own ilk. Once an officer, always an officer. But she’d broken off from the mold like a lone wolf. That made her more dangerous.

He’d already looked into the lady’s credentials. Officer fuckin’ Lee. She was highly regarded—however, she didn’t listen well and seemed to do as she pleased. She stood out like a sore thumb amongst them. A tall, slender, syrup complexioned woman, built like some supermodel, with long, dark hair and teeth whiter than snow. Her voice held a raspy note to it, and she moved with confidence while dripping with femininity. She looked almost like a doll, but the seriousness in her eyes proved she was not one to try and play with.

She was so young, only thirty-four, and left the Boston Police Department abruptly—he wondered why. Leaving Boston to live in Maine and do this sort of work? Chase cheating spouses and people trying to game Workman’s Comp. It seemed beneath her, but that was none of his business. His main focus was the fact that neither he nor his entire department cared for interlopers sticking their noses in their investigations.

Now he had additional information and a problem on his hands. Officer Lee… He had proof she did not heed his admonitions. Ignoring his warnings, she’d asked a fisherman she’d gotten familiar with to look about the beach for the missing person. There of course was pay involved—how much, he didn’t know. Sure enough, the bastard found Clark where she told him to search, whose body washed ashore.

So she’d found him, the missing fellow, and that made things a bit easier for them, until today…

They couldn’t close the case. The coroner said Clark Johnson, a known heroin addict, hadn’t drowned. He’d been murdered.

The coroner stated he’d been deceased for at least four weeks, perhaps five or six. That left more unanswered questions. Where had he been on the beach before that? The missing person’s report filed by his sister showed he’d not been seen or heard from for almost two months. Officer Lee called him directly, as soon the coroner’s report was available, and made it known that she believed Portland, Maine had a serial killer.