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Who's Your Baby Daddy - Season Two

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Stasia Black

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A Why Choose Romance
Our woman’s in her second trimester and we’re all primed to claim her. But I’m done taking orders. It’s time to step up and be alpha of our little band of misfits. I'm ready to be the leading man both on and off-stage now.
I don’t care what my twin brother has to say about it. It’s time for him to learn his place. I’ve bailed him out one too many times.
It’s my turn to get the acting gigs and to get the girl.
And if that means walking away from my two brothers in order to fulfill my destiny and protect the woman I love, so be it.
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Stasia Black




“This is ridiculous,” Milo said, glaring at Leander. Then he looked at me. “Are you really going to let him do this to you?”

I lifted my head up from the pillow and then dropped it again. “You’ll be here if I need anything, right? And it’ll make him leave?” I gestured with my head at Leander.

Leander made a sort of growling noise low in his throat… and continued tying me to the bed.

Yes, I was letting him tie me to the bed.

Look, I’d just had a batshit night. I’d tried to sneak away from them, then finally admitted I was pregnant…with one of the twin’s baby—though only God knew which twin. I was exhausted. Still nauseated. And after all that, ready to sleep for a hundred years. Or at least twenty-four hours.

Meanwhile, Leander had the Dubai premiere of his movie tonight. And he was actually going as himself instead of sending Janus. Maybe because he needed time away from me as much as I wanted it from him.

Or maybe he was going out tonight so he could fuck some other woman; the nasty thought sliced through my mind before I could stop it. The silken tie Leander was tying on my wrist cinched tighter but I didn’t look up at him.

“If this is the only way I can be assured you won’t run,” he bent over to growl low in my ear, “so be it.”

I couldn’t help my sharp intake of breath at his closeness and the intensity in his words. They sounded possessive. They weren’t, I had to remind myself. He just didn’t trust me.

He hesitated there for a moment, our heads close together, breaths mingling. And then he yanked away to stand up straight again.

“I’ll be at the stylist,” Leander snapped to an unhappy Milo who was standing beside the bed. Janus brooded near the wall with his arms crossed. Leander pointed at each of them in turn. “Don’t you dare let her free, either of you. I expect to find her in this exact same position when I get home.”

Milo rolled his eyes and Janus flipped Leander off.

Leander just glared back. “I mean it.” Then he grabbed his jacket, wallet, and was out of the room.

It felt like we all took a collective breath. Or maybe that was just me. Because almost as soon as the door shut, Janus was in motion, flying across the room towards the bed.

His fingers immediately started undoing the knots his brother had just tied.

“Janus!” I cried. “He just said—”

“Fuck him. I’m not tying up a pregnant woman. Especially one I helped knock up.” Janus cupped the back of my head gently. Lovingly. “Letting him think he had his way was just the fastest way to get that asshole out of here.”

Milo leapt into action, untying my ankles.

“I won’t run again,” I said, fighting back tears. What the hell? I usually never cried, and here I was suddenly a fountain. I bit them back but still they flowed. Damned hormones. “I swear I never meant for any of this to happen.” I needed them to believe me.

Janus pulled my hand into his after he released it from the tie and rubbed it between his. Like he was trying to get circulation back into it even though I’d barely been tied up three minutes. His forehead furrowed. “I’m so sorry for my jackass brother. We’ll make this all better. I swear. I swear we’ll make it up to you.”

He pulled me into a hug. His body was so warm and I clung to him.

I hadn’t realized how much I needed this.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, I’m not going anywhere.”

I only squeezed tighter. I couldn’t talk. My throat was too choked up. I just squeezed the life out of Janus’s neck.

And then there was another warm body at my back and Milo’s arms came around me too.

“Shhhh, shhhh, it’s okay, baby,” Janus said. “It’s okay to cry. You don’t have to be strong for us. Cry on Daddy’s chest, baby. You’re so fierce the rest of the time. Let us be your strength for a little while.” He stroked his fingers through my hair. “Just lay it all down. Lay it all down for once.”

Was this the same man who loved to spank me until my ass was sore?

I sobbed into his chest and Milo rubbed soothing circles on my back. We all laid down on the bed, me sandwiched between them. They lulled me to sleep with their sweet, sweet caresses.

“Sleeping beauty, it’s time to wake up.”

Soft kisses landed on my eyelids. I blinked up to Janus and Milo’s faces looming above me. I looked around, confused at first about where I was.

A hotel room, clearly.

And then it all rushed back. I wanted to reach for the covers and yank them back up over me.