You’re Mine (Crave and Claimed #6) Read Online Sam Crescent

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As a favor to a friend, George Butterworth has agreed to allow Anna-Beth Knight to work for him as his housekeeper. Anna-Beth has annoyed her family, and for now, they just want her out of the way, not causing trouble. He doesn’t mind.

The only problem is, the Knight girl is no longer ten years old, but a thirty year old woman. And George cannot stop thinking about her.

For twenty years, Anna-Beth has been in love with her brother’s best friend. She knows she has irritated her family, but she refuses to be like them—mean, cruel, cutthroat. In the world of business and sustaining empires, her family expects her to play by their rules. They don’t know anything about her.

George has taken Anna-Beth's virginity. He knows her family is looking for a husband for her, but he doesn’t want to let her go. He cannot gether out of his thoughts, nor does he want to. Every second spent with her, she gets under his skin.

Will George stick around when he knows that she is in love with him as well?

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Chapter One

George Butterworth looked out his home office window at the garden, and for several seconds, he couldn’t bring himself to move. Anna-Beth Knight was on the lawn once again, only this time, rather than doing some weird yoga pose, she was dancing.

This was not something new to him, for Anna-Beth was … an interesting woman. She was his best friend’s sister, who, for some odd reason, wasn’t exactly welcome within the Knight family. He knew why. Anna-Beth had always been a little different. She wasn’t hungry for a career or desperate for money. She didn’t have that Knight meanness that George had come to associate with the name.

According to her brother, Malcolm, if he didn’t find her a job, or somewhere to be, then their father would disown her. Malcolm didn’t want to cause a scandal, so he begged George to take her in as a homemaker, housekeeper, or something.

As it turned out, Anna-Beth didn’t have a desire to run a cutthroat business, but what she did have was the ability to cook and clean. His home was spotless. When he agreed to take her, George had expected her to be lazy, or trouble. All he’d ever heard was Malcolm complain about his sister, but she was actually a hard worker.

She got all her jobs done efficiently. She simply wasn’t cut out to be in the office, working a nine-to-five job.

From what he could tell, Anna-Beth had many different hobbies, interests, and loves. He watched her as she danced freely around the garden. Once again, she was wearing a sundress that molded to her large tits and waist, and then flared out past her hips to her ankles.

His two cocker spaniel dogs, Rex and Tee, were running around her feet. He saw her laughing as well, which lit up her whole face. She looked so confident and within her element he found it impossible to look away.

They had already shared breakfast that morning. He insisted on it.

He’d known Malcolm for nearly twenty years now, and had only seen Anna-Beth a couple of times. She was ten years younger than he was, and the first time he saw her, she’d been a ten-year-old girl. The next time had been at her eighteenth birthday party, and if he was honest, she’d not actually been present at the party, or at least he hadn’t seen her. And then, the final time had been as Malcolm brought her to his home three months ago.

He had expected to hate every second of having her in his home, but she was in fact a dream. From the moment he’d seen her again, with her long, blonde hair and beautiful, intense blue eyes, he’d felt this need to keep her. He’d not said anything to Malcolm, as he didn’t want there to be any reason for her to leave his home. Keeping her close was important.

At forty years old, George had encountered many a gold-digging woman. He’d even been used by one in the past, but he vowed he never would be again. Anna-Beth was no gold-digger.

Even if he hadn’t known her these past few months, and the fact she came from wealth, her complete lack of desire for it was an indicator. Also, according to her brother, she donated a lot of money to causes she was passionate about, much to her parents’ annoyance.

Moving away from the window, he couldn’t resist the pull of going to see her without a window or distance between them. Within minutes, he was standing on his back patio, listening to the rock music playing out of her cell phone as she danced with the dogs. Her giggle was infectious, and it took every ounce of control for him to not join her.

The dogs loved her, which was another surprise. When he had unexpected visitors, he often had to lock them away, as they didn’t like other people. They were rescue dogs, and from what the shelter told him, the start to their lives hadn’t been good, so he fell in love with them.

They were well-trained, if not a little disobedient at night, as they came into his room and slept on the floor near his bed. He knew he should send them back to their own beds, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He also knew that the dogs now divided their time between his own bed and Anna-Beth’s.

She spun around and finally came to a stop the moment she saw him. The music kept playing.

“You can come and join us, you know,” Anna-Beth said. She was panting a little, making her chest rise and fall with each intake of breath. It was a struggle not to succumb to looking at her chest, but he managed to keep his gaze at face height.

“I don’t dance.”

“All the more reason for you to do so. Come on, George!” She threw her hands up in the air, still holding her cell phone. “It is a Friday, and you’ve got to learn to be free. To shake off the week and just party.” She swung her hips from side to side and then spun around, wriggling her butt.