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College was supposed to be about figuring out careers and goals, not what turned you on in the bedroom.

When a class project pushes a confused Adrian in an interesting new direction, he’s not sure what to do. His focus in college has always been on grades, but he doesn’t know if he’s ready to do what it takes to get an A in his Human Sexuality course.

Watching Adrian stumble into the world of puppy play and kink shouldn’t interest Owen as much as it does. The fact that they don’t really know each other doesn’t matter, not when they’re technically too close to even think about one another that way. But something won’t let Owen walk away from a floundering Adrian.

When an embarrassing situation meets a sarcastic remark, sparks fly in the most unusual way.

62k Words

Story Contains: Puppy play, and M/M sexual content of a taboo nature that some readers may find objectionable. Please read the sample or check out the authors’ websites for a larger excerpt.

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Chapter 1 Adrian

Sitting on the floor naked and holding a leather dog collar probably wasn’t the most productive way to spend an afternoon, but the professor had been very clear. She’d said she wanted us to do thorough research. To me, research implied a hands-on experience, not just reading blogs and weird posts on sex websites.

Research was evidently punishment for trying to take an easy course my final semester of college.

Taking the easy way out never worked for me. I should have remembered that. The only way to get through it was to follow the rules and buckle down. Doing anything else just screwed things up in the long run.

“For example, you end up naked looking at sex toys. And talking to yourself,” I muttered.

I would end up like Owen if I didn’t get it together. Maybe it wasn’t the collar that was throwing me the most. It might’ve been the anal plug with its long dark tail, which according to the website, was tapered for comfort and long-term wear.

Fuck. I didn’t even curse, but this seemed to require one. I didn’t buy sex toys from websites that promised “discreet delivery” or “plain brown packaging” either. What had I gotten myself into?

It’s a fun course, everyone said. It’s easy. All she does is talk about sex stuff and weird shit, they said. Everyone gets at least a C as long as you show up and talk in class. “Bullshit.” That was starting to feel more natural. I’d been had. That was the only thing I could think of. It had to be some kind of joke on the straight-laced guy. “That’s the only thing that makes sense.”

Turning the plug over in my hands, I tried to come to a decision. Would I, or wouldn’t I? When the professor had described the project, I hadn’t pictured the turn it would take. I was an accounting major. Papers were usually dry and filled with facts, and occasionally conjecture. What she wanted was so out of my comfort zone, I seemed to have discovered a totally new country.

“This is The Diary of a Horny College Student, not an academic paper.” But that was basically what she’d wanted. “This is going to be a personal piece,” she’d said. “If there’s not at least a little bit of you in it, then it isn’t worth turning in. A basic paper about a boring topic will get you a C, but if you want an A, I want original and personalized. I want it to say something about you. If it’s not at least a little intimate, then you haven’t pushed yourself hard enough.”

I always got an A.

But this time, I was starting to think I should have settled on getting a B.

With a B, I could have kept my clothes on, and I probably wouldn’t have needed to buy sex toys.

Toys seemed like such an odd word. Legos didn’t get people horny. Those were toys. These were… something else entirely. I just wasn’t sure what.

I still wasn’t sure how I’d gotten myself in this position — not the naked part. Clothes came off; that part I understood. It was just everything else that was confusing. “Pick a kink or alternative lifestyle to explore. I want you to try and understand why someone would be drawn to it.”

I should have dropped the course when she made us write an anonymous essay on our sexual history. That would have been the smart thing to do.

There had to have been easier courses, or at least, easier topics. I just hadn’t looked hard enough when I’d settled on mine. But any harder, and my eyeballs would have melted. The internet was frightening. It was a weird rabbit hole of random sexual things that people found intriguing and dirty memes that didn’t make sense. Even so, information-gathering was the start of any research project, even strange ones, so I’d sorted through facts and listed off fetishes until one had struck me as… interesting.

That was what she’d said to do. I was just following instructions.

It was a blog — a basic webpage, no frills, and clearly not professionally put together, but it’d caught my eye. It was the way he’d been looking at the camera, looking at his master behind the camera. He was a pup, with a mask that made him look like a little beagle and a tail that wagged as he chased the ball around what was clearly a small apartment.

That probably drove his neighbors nuts. But he’d been so… happy, and there was so much going on behind the mask. His facial features were obscured, but his eyes… They’d stayed with me for far too long. He loved his master. I could see that, but there was something else I couldn’t comprehend.

I should have picked something easier to understand.