Secrets and Kisses (Blue Ridge Magic #2) Read Online M.A. Innes

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StefanMagic. As a librarian, Stefan knows there’s magic in books and imagination, but it isn’t until he moves to the mountains of North Carolina that he realizes people can come with magic too…well, the locals at least seem to come with magic…and fascinating relationship dynamics he thought were just on TV and in books.Boyd Dragons. Somehow, the council gave Boyd the job of telling the new librarian that dragons and mages are real. He’s not sure who he pissed off to be the one to scare the adorable librarian into leaving town, but he’s not happy about it. A man as sweet and shy as the town’s new librarian can’t have any idea about what the locals are hiding or what kind of thoughts Boyd has been having about him, can he?When people aren’t as innocent or grumpy as they seem, a curious librarian and a slightly grumpy dragon will learn that love is even stronger when there’s a bit of magic involved.

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Chapter 1


“Do you remember his name?” One of the wonderfully fascinating locals was right outside my office window, but I wasn’t sure who it was just yet. There were a few of them that seemed to be related and all sounded a lot alike, but if I peeked, they’d realize I could hear them.

Being curious and doing my best to be subtle about it was the classic rock and hard place in this area.

“I just call him Mr. Librarian. It’s polite.”

I knew that one.

It was the deputy’s Kenzie.

He was funny and actually telling the truth…he always called me Mr. Librarian.

“How does he not know you’re a little?” The next confused voice made me want to smile. I knew that one too. I was getting so good at remembering everyone.

That was Alick the human.

“I don’t know.” I could almost picture Kenzie’s shrug. “Everyone knows I’m little.”

Well, I knew he was interesting, but I hadn’t really understood what that meant until he’d helped me expand my reading material.

He asked the library to stock the most unique books.

That was when I’d started to realize there were several different types of interesting people in town and they overlapped in a fascinating Venn diagram with paranormal creatures and kinky people intersecting in curious ways.

It was like living in the weirdest fairy tale ever.

“Well, maybe we just shouldn’t use his name then?” Knowing the other two voices helped me realize that this one was Lorne.

He was in the interesting overlapping part of the Venn diagram too.

“He doesn’t mind Mr. Librarian.” Kenzie’s voice took on a stubborn tone and I was pretty sure that was why Alick giggled. “But I won’t argue with you.”

He wanted to, though.

Kenzie was very stubborn when he wanted something…like the library stocking more dirty books.

“I remember. His first name is Stefan.” Alick sighed like the other two were insane. “But don’t ask me his last name. I might’ve heard it once but everyone just calls him the librarian like he’s some kind of ancient superhero. But his first name is Stefan, because that sounded like the name of one of the Disney princes, so I remembered that.”

Well, not quite one of the princes but he was close…and he was also right about everyone in town calling me the librarian. It sounded like we were in some kind of weird old western where only locals and other paranormal creatures got names.

I wasn’t even sure they realized they did it, but they seemed oblivious about a lot of the weird stuff that went on around the area.

“Wait. I don’t think that’s a prince.” Kenzie seemed to have found something new to latch onto. “We need to look that up.”

It seemed like we’d narrowed it down to the fact that none of them watched enough Disney movies.

“Well, we’re at the library, so let’s do it here. I get no bars on this side of town anymore.” The way Lorne was complaining made me want to ask him if he’d been hexed again, but I wasn’t sure if that was polite or not.

There were a lot of topics I wasn’t sure I could ask about, which was probably the hardest part of having to pretend that everyone was human.

I had so many questions.

“We are not going to ask the librarian for help looking up which Disney character his name is from.” Alick’s tone said he’d rolled his eyes and I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. “We’re already going to sound weird enough and we don’t need to push our luck.”

Oh, why were they going to sound weird?

Sadly, no one volunteered that information.

“Come on. Let’s go talk to Stefan The Librarian and try not to freak him out.” Alick was going to freak me out just by saying things like that, but I didn’t have time to worry about that because I had to hurry back to the front desk.

It wasn’t nearly as easy to eavesdrop from there, but it couldn’t be helped.

Made it.

As they walked through the front door, I was approaching the front of the library from a totally innocent direction. “Hello, gentlemen. What can I help you with today?”

I’d spent the first month in my position being slightly nervous, so I was proud to sound confident and almost relaxed as I greeted the mix of people…two creature people and one human person.

No one had bothered to tell me what was the polite way to greet anyone yet and I had no idea what the social niceties were, so I just stuck with human pleasantries. Most of the time it seemed fine, but occasionally something I said made people giggle unexpectedly.

I was still trying to be the nice librarian who wasn’t nosy at all but they didn’t make it easy when they all exchanged looks like we were in a Scooby-Doo episode.