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Once upon a time, there were three men forged in suffering. They lived their lives in servitude to the monster who created them. Broken boys became vicious men.

Years of brutality stripped them of their humanity and hardened their hearts.

Each man retreating further into darkness.

Until her.

She is the beacon of hope and the spark that re-ignites their damaged and demented hearts.

But when their world threatens her life, they’ll do anything to keep her safe. Even if it means destroying everything they’ve ever known.

*A Dark Reimagining of Cinderella*

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Another rich man for my mother and another sibling for me. I turn my head and stare at my two brothers, although neither are my biological siblings. They’re byproducts of my mother’s marriages to wealthy men. Men she seduces and eliminates, sucking up their wealth like a succubus.

Asher sits across from me in the limo, his eyes on the trees rushing by. We’ve been driving on what seems to be a barren road for ages—nothing in sight but the lush forests and a dirt track. No doubt Mother likes the isolation—no one around to rush in and save her new husband when he dies from a mysterious heart attack.

How long will we have to wait before adorning our mourning black and pretending we give a fuck about the impending loss?

River is wearing his headphones, most likely listening to some obscure death metal band. He shrewdly observes his new daddy. Will he fuck this one like he did the last? I glance at his crotch and smirk at the visible outline of his dick.

The previous guy was fun. I enjoyed his talented mouth. We used to bring him out for parlor tricks when buddies were over and see how many dicks he could shove into his mouth. Sadly, the maximum was only five, but that didn’t stop us from fucking his ass two at a time to satiate our disappointment.

Asher didn’t like fucking that dude. But he sure liked to torture him. He called him pathetic while he stretched his ass wide with a speculum until it fit the barrel of a baseball bat and swag. Asher joked about how he wished he’d done the same thing to his little league coach ten years ago. But I guess a nine-year-old boy isn’t as imaginative as a twenty-nine-year-old man.

I spot my mother fussing over her new man in my peripheral view. Her over-sweetened voice is enough to make me gag.

“I can’t wait to meet your little girl,” she simpers.

I bet she can’t. My mother has a penchant for breaking sweet little things. From how my new step-daddy describes his little girl, she’s a decadent cupcake with a mouthwatering buttercream frosting.

The stretch limo may as well be a cramped closet because my ability to breathe is constricted. All I want is to get away from this woman and the toxic environment she created from the moment I was born. My attachments are misguided now, and I’m locked in with the two young men sitting across from me. Asher would likely fuck the bitch with a knife and rid us of her, but he’s not easy to convince—probably because she’s fucked him up since childhood. My mother calls him a good boy, and he salivates like a starved dog spotting a piece of prime meat. I guess it’s why he has a hard-on for leashes.

“Oh, Charles, it’s beautiful,” my mother coos as the limo pulls up to a large black cast iron gate protecting a giant stone mansion.

The place must be at least thirty-thousand square feet. My mother has come a long way from the trailer park where she lived with my sperm donor.

“I’m so glad you like it, Celeste,” Charles whispers as he kisses her palm. His gaze moves to me. “I hope you four will be as happy as Ella and I have been here.”

My ears perk up at the mention of his daughter—my new twenty-one-year-old sister. My dick got hard the first time I saw her picture. That’s never happened before. There was something about her, a body made for sinning and a face God himself would bow to in reverence. A perfect mix of saint and sinner.

Mother’s lips turn up at the mention of her name. She’s never had to make a female come to heel before. I’m sure she’s gloating about how much easier it will be to manipulate a girl over the three boys she’s molded to her liking. My stomach churns as Mother glances nonchalantly at Asher’s and River’s cocks before licking her lips.

Sick bitch.

The iron gates swing open, and the limo pulls up in front of a stone staircase leading to two giant mahogany doors with a cliché gold knocker. But the extravagance before me pales compared to the curvy brunette with the bright smile.

The scorching afternoon sun sends rays of light into the dark limo. Mother and Charles step out first. Like a Hollywood actress, she runs to her new stepdaughter and begins her ritual. My ears burn with the poison seeping from her lips. Bullshit lies she spins to catch the young beauty in her web. The nausea induced by witnessing her deceit is why I never lie. Omit the truth? Yes, all the time. But I never lie.

The girl smiles politely at my mother before leaping into her father’s arms. Charles twirls her around, and they both laugh.