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This filthy mountain man is taking what he wants—his best friend’s little sister!


Grizz has been staring at me for a lifetime. My brother’s best friend lights my body on fire, but he’ll never make a move unless I push him. That’s why I show up at his cabin and pretend I’m looking for another man.

But I didn’t count on the fact that he would tie me to his bed and say filthy things to me. I think I’ve just been kidnapped by the mountain man.


I’m a wicked man. I look at my best friend’s little sister and think depraved things. She’s too good, too innocent for the things I want to do to her.

When she shows up at my cabin in her short little dress, I know I can’t let her leave. The beast has been awoken, and he’s claiming this curvy woman.

If you love a dominant, filthy mountain man who takes what he wants, it’s time to meet Grizz in Kidnapped by the Mountain Man.

Courage County mountain men love curves! These flannel-wearing, wood-cutting lumberjack men are gruff and grumpy. But underneath it all, they have hearts of gold just waiting to be uncovered by the curvy women they claim. Cuddle up with these sexy new book boyfriends from Mia Brody today!

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I didn’t mean for anyone in my real life to discover that I run a sex podcast. Especially not my brother’s best friend.

The reason he found out was my fault. It was my idea to buy those stupid matching tablet cases. It started this morning after I made breakfast for my mom and the boys. The boys are my brothers, and like me, they were adopted by Mrs. Maple and her late husband.

The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis two years ago finally gave us a word for why Mom has been growing progressively weaker. Last month, we convinced her to start using a wheelchair. She finds it easier to get around now, but it breaks all of our hearts to see her struggle.

“Can you help Mom at the shop today, runt?” Greer asks. He’s my oldest brother.

The thing about Greer is that he was seventeen when I came to live here. He let me follow him around the farm while he did chores. He taught me how to milk a cow, how to muck a stall, and how to feed the chickens. He did it all with endless patience, never once growing tired of my constant questions.

He probably doesn’t know it, but he was the first person to make me feel safe. The first one that showed me sometimes people are kind and good.

“I thought it was Barrett’s turn,” I answer. Today is my day off from the shop, and I have plans to edit my latest episode. It’s about how to have more satisfying orgasms during self-pleasure. I’m not gonna lie. The research for this episode was pretty enjoyable.

“Can’t,” Barrett says, shoveling more food into his mouth and barely looking up from his plate. “We’re helping the Taylor brothers.”

I turn to Noah. Out of all of us, Noah is the quiet one. He’s the fearless second-in-command to my oldest brother. If he promises to do something, he can always be counted on to get the job done.

He shakes his head. “I’m going to the airport.”

He’s picking up our youngest brother from the airport. Zac is—well, Mom doesn’t like us to say. She doesn’t want anyone treating him differently just because he’s a celebrity now. Besides, he works hard to fly under the radar. But eventually, someone in his fancy life is going to spill the beans about where he comes from. I just hope it doesn’t ruin our quiet, small town.

“It’s not a problem. I can help her then,” I tell Greer brightly. He already takes care of so much. He took over the farm when Dad died.

When we didn’t have enough money to give Dad a proper burial, our friends and neighbors stepped in. On the day of his funeral, Mom started making candles.

She wanted to thank our community for everything they’d done for us, so she made some candles. Then she kept making them, channeling all of her grief into intricate wax figures that she eventually turned into a business. Her candle shop is a good source of income for the farm now, but more than that, it gives Mom a purpose.

As she’s getting sicker, we’ve been helping out more. She doesn’t want to retire, and we don’t want her to either. Not if she still loves doing this, so for now, we’ll just trade days showing up at the candle shop.

“I’ll send Grizz over to help,” Greer says, naming his best friend.

The flannel-wearing lumberjack mountain man with his corded muscles and permanent frown is irresistible to me. Too bad he only sees me as his friend’s little sister. If just once I could get him to see that I’m a grown woman. A woman who wants his big body covering hers.

But it’s been years, and Grizz has never noticed me. I’ve accepted that he won’t ever. That’s why I own so many damn vibrators. Because the one man I want to feel between my thighs is never going to look at me that way.

“You don’t have to do that. I’m perfectly capable of carrying the heavy boxes,” I tell him. I’ll never be able to think straight with Grizz at the shop. Thankfully, the scowling man isn’t around very often.

“He’ll be over by lunch,” Greer answers with a note of finality to his voice. He’s decreed it, and so it will be.

I want to argue with him, but Mom wheels into the kitchen, and I busy myself with helping her instead.

Three hours later, I pause to put a hand on my aching back. I could have waited for Grizz to arrive and help, but there were too many boxes. As it is, I’ve barely made a dent in all of the shipments that arrived today. The fifty-pound cases weren’t supposed to be here for another two weeks.

“You should have called me,” Grizz’s words are quiet in the alleyway behind Mom’s candle shop as if just my thoughts conjured him up. If I had that ability, he’d always be around.