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Two sisters, both born with a Gift…
Samantha leads lost spirits home,
Hanna can see Beyond the Veil
But both are in terrible danger...

Are you ready for two Spicy and Spooky Kindred Tales in one book? Get ready for Wicked and Wild…

In "Possessed by the Wulven," Sam's ghost-hunting mission collides with skeptic R'orn, creating sparks of annoyance and attraction. She’s stuck with the huge Kindred warrior in a haunted inn, one room, and a single bed—temptation rises. But when spirits take control, passions ignite…and enemies might just become lovers.

In "Guarded by the Ghost," Hanna's curse attracts a terrifying Dark Entity, leading her to a ghostly Kindred protector, Wraith. Together, they face a sinister force that hungers for her soul. Can enemies turned lovers survive the shadows that threaten their very existence?

Explore these tales of paranormal romance, where love, danger, and the supernatural intertwine in a haunting journey beyond the veil. Will Sam, Hanna, and their Kindred Protectors conquer the darkness that surrounds them?
You’ll have to read this Enemies to Lovers, Touch her and Die, Only one Bed, Spicy Shifter and Ghost Romance, Wicked and Wild, to find out!

Author's Note--my heroines are threatened and in danger in parts of these two novellas but I promise things work out in the end. As always, please read responsibly.

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“So you really do this for a living? And other humans like to watch you do it?”

R’orn, the big Kindred warrior who was assigned to be Sam’s Protector rolled his eyes—which happened to be golden and inhumanly gorgeous—not that it made him any less annoying.

“Yes and yes,” Sam said shortly and shot him an irritated glare. Honestly, why had she been saddled with this big jerk during one of the most important ghost hunts of her life? Oh right—because her Aunt Luna had a bad feeling about her safety and wanted her to be protected.

Aunt Luna was slightly eccentric. She read tarot cards for a living, dyed her hair blue and purple, and always wore flowing gowns that were exclusively either black or white. She had a pet Sphinx cat named Bertrand who had his own wardrobe of hand-knitted sweaters—a necessity since he was completely hairless. But she also happened to be married to a Kindred warrior who was a member of the High Council.

“Uncle Bruin” as Sam had been asked to call him, was a Beast Kindred and he believed in her Aunt Luna’s gift of discernment completely. So he was more than willing to ask that a Kindred warrior should be assigned to protect her niece.

Sam appreciated her aunt’s concern, but she was used to looking out for herself. While it was true that she’d had a few creepy encounters with fans lately—(one guy had followed her for several blocks shouting “Hey, Ghost Girl! Hey, c’mere—I’ll show you a ghost!”)—and she’d been getting some disturbing comments on her latest videos, that didn’t mean she was actually in danger. People were crazy sometimes, that was all. It was better just to ignore them and move on—at least in Sam’s opinion.

But Aunt Luna had been so concerned.

“My dear, I see trouble for you in the near future,” she had insisted when Sam protested that she was fine and didn’t need a bodyguard. “Please—just accept the Protector your uncle is assigning to you for a little while.”

Sam loved her Aunt Luna—she had practically raised her and her sister, Hanna, after their parents died—so she had reluctantly agreed. But she never would have said yes if she’d known what a jerk her new Protector was going to be! She and R’orn had butted heads right from the start.

R’orn was a Wulven Kindred—which meant he had some kind of beast or animal inside him. At least, that was what Sam thought it meant. She would have been inclined to like him—she has a thing for scary animals as her current pet, a tarantula called Sir Pedro, could attest. She’d had a wolf-dog for a while and even a ball python named “Chompers.” But so far R’orn had never let her see his “other half” and he was such a jerk she’d never asked him to reveal it.

Sam sighed. She should have known this would be a problem—right from the start, they hadn’t gotten along. He’d shaken her hand politely enough and sworn to protect her with his life—that part had been kind of nice, actually. He’d gotten down on one knee almost like he was going to propose. Sam’s heart had started thumping when he took her hands in his and looked her in the eyes.

“Samantha, I swear to you my Oath—I shall stay by your side and brave any danger to keep you safe,” he had rumbled in that inhumanly deep voice of his. “My body will be your shield and my lips shall keep your secrets. Not a drop of your blood will be shed unless all of mine is first spilled out upon the ground. This I vow and may I die a thousand deaths if my words prove false.”

With his shaggy brown hair that shaded to gold at the ends and those golden eyes, not to mention the tattoos on his muscular arms—which were bare since he’d been wearing a vest with no shirt—he’d seemed to be just her type. Sam had been halfway in love with him—until she told him what she did for a living. And that was when things started going bad.

“A ghost hunter? What in the Seven Hells is a ghost hunter?” he’d growled, arching one thick eyebrow skeptically.

Sam had tried to explain that she went to haunted buildings and interacted with spirits…but unfortunately, things only got worse from there. R’orn, it seemed, was a confirmed skeptic who didn’t believe in any kind of life after death. He didn’t even believe in the Goddess that all the Kindred worshipped! Which was pretty much unheard of, since most of the Kindred were so devout.

“What do you mean you don’t believe in the Goddess?” Sam had asked him. “I thought all the Kindred worshipped her. Don’t you call her ‘The Mother of All Life?’”