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Tyson has a problem. He wants into the club, but the gatekeeper, Austin, knows he’s hiding something. He is. He just wasn’t prepared to have to share about his physical issues before getting to meet someone who wouldn’t mind those differences. But with a club full of open-minded omegas and Austin playing matchmaker…this time it’ll be different, right?

Dessie has a problem. Austin wants to fix him up with an unconventional alpha. Dessie wants to believe that Austin knows what he’s doing because everyone knows Austin is amazing. However, his frustrating history with Doms has shown him that opening up about his own desires isn’t a good idea…but Austin swears this time it’ll be different.

When privacy is a must and dating has been a bust, two men have to decide if they’re ready to finally open up and let love in.

Author’s Content This is an ABO romance with an alpha who lactates. If you want more details on the other aspects of the story, please see the author’s website.

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Chapter 1


I still couldn’t figure out how I’d ended up at the surprise wedding, but the one thing I was confident about was that I wasn’t answering any more calls from that neurotic fucking omega.

“We’re so glad you could make it.” Austin beamed but I wasn’t sure who the we were. It could’ve been in the royal sense or he could’ve meant the people in his head. “Did you have a chance to talk to the happy couple?”

He raised one eyebrow challengingly, even though his smile was still firmly in place.

“Yes.” That wasn’t good enough for the dramatic omega, and in other social situations I’d have been a dick, but it was a wedding.

And I wanted something from the crazy man.


“I spoke with them not long after the ceremony and managed to surprise them with a little something.” Weddings weren’t supposed to be something that was sprung on everyone at the last minute, but I was adaptable and it would take more than Austin Johnson throwing a wedding for Tanner and Shane to frustrate me.

It’d take talking to him about his fucking club to frustrate me.

Studying me like I’d suddenly become more interesting—which was always a dangerous expression on him—he nodded slowly. “I’m glad you were able to talk to them before they left on their honeymoon. I know they rushed off kind of quickly but we had to get them out before their families found out.”

Since I was familiar with both families in question, I had to agree. “I think that was a sound plan. It also keeps the paparazzi at bay.”

All hell was going to break loose when Shane’s family figured out what happened, though.

They looked great on the surface but they were mostly batshit nuts.

“Yes.” Austin perked up, probably loving the challenge. “The press thought it was a garden party.”

“I know.” Working in information, I had my fingers in a lot of different pots. “It was very well done.”

And almost completely believable, which was why I’d already been planning the gift.

“Thank you.” Giving me a very regal nod, Austin took the praise as his due. “And I appreciate you making the time to come.”

His slightly veiled threats about what he’d do if I didn’t show up had made me curious enough to actually show up.

Not that I knew why I’d been invited to begin with.

The guests had been a mix of friends and business associates, but every single person invited was also a member of their BDSM club…everyone but me.

Austin was up to something.

“It was a beautiful ceremony and perfect for them.” Mostly traditional with a hint of the personal side of their relationship. I thought it had been very well done and there hadn’t been a single guest who was shocked. “You did a wonderful job putting everything together.”

Tanner would have a completely appropriate story to tell, and he could just leave out the slender necklace with the lock pendant that his husband and Dom had put around his neck. He’d also been able to enjoy every second of it because he hadn’t fought with anyone.

“Thank you.” Giving another imperial incline of his head, Austin definitely saw the praise as his due. “I think it came together quite well.”

If Austin could do anything, it was throw a party.

“It did and I appreciate the invitation.” No matter why I’d been allowed to come. “Of course, I’ll keep the fact that I was here as discreet as you’d like. Just let me know what the official version of events will be.”

I dealt in information but I didn’t have to share anything I didn’t want to.

That was the power of being in charge.

“Thank you. I’ll let you know any specific details that need to come out, but the basics are garden wedding and close group of family and friends in attendance.” Flashing me a grin, he waved his hand around the yard. “And if how beautiful it was happens to get mentioned, I will gladly take the credit.”