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Joey 'Jay' Cruz

Moving to San Luco wasn’t my choice. I was expelled from my old school because of a protest I organized that went south. Now, I was attending Franklin University with only a semester left until graduation and not knowing a single soul.

Until I meet Ryan Redpine at a frat party. He’s handsome, muscular, has a great smile, and I quickly find out he’s the son of a CEO hell-bent on destroying the environment.

I push Ryan out of my mind, deciding to keep my sanity and morals in tact.

But fate had other plans. When Ryan ended up as my surprise dorm mate, avoiding him became impossible. And so was avoiding the feelings that started to develop... Maybe getting expelled wasn't the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Maybe it was actually the best?

Ryan Redpine

Jay entered my life like a lightning bolt.

I’d never met someone I was so attracted to, and someone who clearly didn’t want me. The moment he learned about my dad, he shut me out. Then I get reassigned to his dorm. Cue complications, especially when his bed breaks and we're forced to share.

Things quickly heat up, but Jay's adamant about keeping us under wraps. He's planning this big protest at the beach for an oil drilling project and doesn't want my family name tied to it.

So how do I tell Jay my dad is one of the backers? And how do I make sure I don’t lose him in the process?

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Chapter One


A buff football player leaped butt-ass naked into the pool, and a whole squad of cheerleaders shrieked, jumping back as the splash from Free Willy soaked them. The guy climbed out of the pool with a drunk grin on his face.

My eyes naturally drifted downward.

He swung his (very gifted) dick in a few helicopter swirls before another one of his frat bros threw him a pair of torn underwear.

This was dumb.

Hot, but really fucking dumb.

It was Spring Rush Week at Franklin University. A time full of booze and parties. When fraternities and sororities opened their doors and coaxed in their next pledges.

I thought it would be a good idea to take a stroll down Frat Row. I figured it’d be a good way to make new friends. I’d been kicked out of my last school, forced to move across the country to live with my mom, and now had to somehow scramble together another life surrounded by a whole new cast of people.

And then there was me. A dream-filled kid and an environmental activist who managed to get a land protection act passed through Congress as my high school senior project.

It was that same passion that landed me in trouble last semester. Forests in Upstate New York were being wiped out. I organized a protest—peaceful, might I add—except the peace didn’t last too long.

Another group, not involved in my protest, must have smelled the chaos in the air. They arrived with firecrackers and BB guns.

It didn’t take long for the woods to burn.

Four people got hurt, one of them being a police officer.

I was asked to leave voluntarily or be expelled a week later. With such short notice between semesters, I had only one option available.

Transferring to Franklin University. My dad had been a professor here and had been very close to the dean. She heard my story and accepted my application.

Coming back home was hard. Being so close to the ocean was harder. But I had to deal with it. I couldn’t mess this up, not again.

And now I was here, at the Sigma Alpha Chi house, surrounded by smelly frat boys and giddy sorority girls, all of them peacocking as much as possible.

Eh. Fuck this.

I wound my way through a crowd surrounding a beer pong table. One of the balls bounced off the beer-stained white plastic table and landed at my feet. I picked it up and tossed it back.

The guy who caught it nearly made me stumble. Wow, was he good looking. Pretty, but also a little rugged, handsome. Square jaw with a rounded smile that softened those hard planes. He had green eyes that appeared to shine like gems under the backyard lights. “Thanks, bro,” he said, holding the ball out for me. “Want to give it a shot?”

“Sure, why not?” I grabbed the ball from his hand, our fingertips grazing. Sparks flew.

What the fuck?

I tried to ignore whatever fluttery butterfly feeling landed in my chest and focused on the four red Solo cups directly across from me. “Can I get a rerack?” I asked the two fraternity brothers on the other team. “A diamond, please.”

They moved the cups into a diamond formation, and I took aim. It was all in the elbow after all. I was about to throw when a gentle hand landed on my elbow, and a low voice entered my ear.