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Cunning, lethal, and resilient were just a few words men have used to describe Anya Ivanov. While others would use words that are far worse. The head of questionable auctions just so happens to have the eye of a very ruthless businessman, River Bently.

River knew the moment he saw her, she was his. And he was more than patient to give her time to realize he was not going anywhere. Even if he was imposing on her territory, he was there to stay.

The only way to spend time with Anya is if you have the money to pay for her company.

He very much could.

He would pay her every last drop she demanded to be in the same room as the woman they are all afraid of. He does not see a woman who could cut him down to his knees. No, he sees a woman who he would gladly get on his knees for.

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“Is that the right spot, miss?” I shake my head in frustration. Nothing is working. Not even his mouth on my clit. Clay notices the shift in my mood, but Vance continues to work his mouth on my breast.

“What about here, miss?” he asks as he tugs on my nipple with his teeth.

“Just stop. Both of you, stop. It’s not working.” I push them away, and they back off obediently. Both sit naked at the end of the bed, waiting for either approval or another command from me. Just as God intended it to be.

But let’s be real, God has no place in this room. Only fucking.

Even that’s not working as the distraction it was intended to be.

Reaching for my phone, I check my messages, hopeful the private investigator has sent me a useful update.

Fucking nothing. No sign of my twin brother, Alek.

It’s driving me mad, so fucking mad, that he up and left without a word. He would never do that. We’re twins, but more than that, we’re best friends. I do everything for him.

I trust no one in this life. Except for him.

So why did he leave me without a single trace as to his whereabouts?

“We could try again, miss,” Clay offers, always eager to please me. I look up to see Vance nodding in agreement.

I never thought there would be something that could sour my libido, but the thought of my brother is most off-putting.

“Go, do whatever you do when I’m in here.”

“We do you when you’re here.” Vance winks. He won’t get a smile out of me. No man does unless I want something, but it eases my tension ever so slightly to know how eager these two are for me. At my beck and call whenever I please. It’s powerful, and something I very much like the taste of.

Doing as they’re told, they begin to put their clothes back on. Vance and Clay work for me in more ways than one. They have been here more lately, due to my neediness in an attempt to distract myself.

My brother left me in the lurch.

Because there is no possible way he got killed or abducted. Alek is way too smart for something like that to happen… way too deadly for it as well.

But it’s been weeks with no contact or sighting.

All business dealings have been left to me, but it doesn’t bother me, since I handle most of the business anyway. But… I’m used to having him around. All our lives, we’ve had each other. We were in and out of foster homes from the age of four until our final one at seven, when we were placed with a wicked older lady who dabbled in illegal things. She was also Russian, and her accent gave us a tiny glimmer of what home might’ve felt like with our parents before they abandoned us. But there was no love, only sharpening us as tools to be used in her dirty dealings. One thing I will give the old bitch is she made us who we are, and our business is just as cutthroat. She never took shit from any man, just shaped the rules and made a shitload of money in the process.

I thank the old bitch, but I also hate the hag.

Meredith showed us calculated cruelty when she should have shown us some sort of love. She ensured we were to never call her Mother or Meredith, but instead insisted on Chief. I call her old bitch in my head and sometimes call her Meredith just to piss her off.

The Chief is a cunt.

Rolling out of bed, I reach for my red silk robe and throw it on before pressing call on my phone.

It rings.

And it rings.

And it rings.

He never picks up.

But at least it rings. Right?