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Abbey Lennox is legally blind…and extremely lonely. A rare form of optic neuropathy has taken most of her vision and her blindness made her a target for a killer .
After barely escaping a vicious attack, she’s vowed never to take another chance on love. So when an enormous Monstrum warrior claims she is his fated mate and rightful bride, she wants nothing to do with him.

Solon is a Chimera Monstrum with the ability to sense the emotions of those he is attuned to. When he touches Abbey’s hand, he understands that she fears him but he doesn’t know why. He only knows that he has to find a way to gain her trust and make her understand that he wants to love and protect her.

Despite Abbey’s fear of him, Solon claims her and after some time, trust begins to grow. But when an evil from her past comes back to haunt them, will the Monstrum warrior be able to keep his new bride safe? Will Abbey escape death a second time and if so, will she allow herself to be…Chosen by the Chimera?

***Author’s Warning—there is a pet death in this book, but it happens in the past and mostly off-screen. The female main character is also a survivor of SA, which also happens in the past and off-screen. Please read responsibly and I promise, everything works out in the end because I would never write a book without a HEA

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“No…no!” Abbey shifted and turned on her side, her long eyelashes fluttering as she clutched at the sheets. She was having the dream again—the one she couldn’t wake up from.

In her dreams, she could see again. The cloudy fog that had covered her vision completely since her early twenties was lifted and everything was sharp and bright. The change should have delighted her—she missed seeing details. Instead, what she saw terrified her.

She wasn’t looking through her own eyes—that much was clear. Not just because she could see again with amazing accuracy, but because whosever eyes she was borrowing, was huge. Abbey felt she was looking down from a great height on the world below.

But it wasn’t just the height of the man who bothered her—because yes, it was most definitely a man whose eyes she was seeing through. It was the sound of his voice when he talked—it was a deep, inhuman growling that seemed to shake her bones.

Sometimes Abbey caught a glimpse of his muscular forearms and hands. His skin had a strange, golden sheen to it—almost as though he was covered in fur— and his fingers were long and powerful. He was easily strong enough to overpower her—to hurt her and take what he wanted.

And in Abbey’s experience, that was all men wanted.

“Soon,” he was saying in that deep, growling voice. “I’ll find her soon, I know it. I’m so close now—I’ve narrowed it down to a single Earth city. Every time I Dream Share with her, I gather more details.”

“You’ve been saying that for months,” another male voice replied. “How can you be sure you’ve got the right place?”

“I’m not completely positive—yet. But I’m sure now about where she works—it’s a shop that sells flowers. They specialize in a kind of Earth bloom called a ‘rose.’ That’s where I’ll find her the next time I go down to Earth—I’m sure of it.”

“Well, I wish you luck, Brother,” the other voice replied. “I know you’re eager to Claim your bride.”

“More than eager,” the deep voice growled, sending a shiver down Abbey’s spine. “Can’t wait to hold her in my arms and make her mine forever…”

The dream ended abruptly and Abbey woke up in a cold sweat.

She lay in the dark, panting, wishing she could turn on the light. She couldn’t see much—vision for her was like looking through a frosted pane of glass that warped and distorted everything. But the presence of light still comforted her and drove away bad dreams.

That’s all it is—just a dream, Abbey reminded herself. She refrained from reaching for the lamp, knowing that even the slightest bit of light seeping under her door might alert her aunt—who had chronic insomnia—that she was up. As much as she loved Aunt Rose, she wasn’t interested in having a middle-of-the-night conversation right now.

She shifted uncomfortably, turning over on her side and pressing her thighs together. The worst thing about the dreams was the aftermath. Because they didn’t just leave Abbey terrified—they left her inexplicably aroused.

How can something that scares me so damn much turn me on? she wondered for the hundredth time. What was it about the stranger’s voice that made her so hot and bothered?

It’s not just his voice—it’s his scent, whispered a little voice in her head. Which was true. Ever since a rare and incurable version of optic neuropathy had stolen much of her vision, Abbey’s other senses had become incredibly sharp. She supposed it was a blind girl cliché but it was true—her sense of hearing and smell were twice as acute as they used to be.