Daddy’s Soul – Crime Boss Daddies Read Online Laylah Roberts

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Faith Blossom has hit rock bottom.
She’s drowning.
Broke, demoralised, tired, and alone, she accepts a job that could be the answer to her problems.
So long as she can survive a force of nature bent on destroying everything in his path.
Reuben Jones.
He’s driven, loyal, stern, and unforgiving.
Possessive and protective.
And he wants to own her. Dominate and control her.
Be her Daddy. Her everything.
He could be her every dream come true.
Or a nightmare that will consume her .

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“You look tired.”

Reuben shot Alejandro a quelling look. “We’re not doing this.”

“You’re running yourself ragged.”

Reuben groaned. Was this fucker for real? “You’ve gotten soft since meeting Cat.”

“You forget who you’re talking to,” Alejandro warned.

Alejandro’s two bodyguards, The Scot and Cairn, flanked them as they waited for the elevator.

“Listen, just concentrate on Cat. I don’t need to be fussed and worried over.”

“I do not fuss,” Alejandro told him. “And Cat is fine. I will always keep her safe.” There was a touch of irritation in Alejandro’s voice.

Reuben understood. But still . . .

“I’ve got an itch.”

“Uh, do you need to see a doctor?” Alejandro asked.

They stepped into the elevator.

“No, I’ve got a feeling . . . like something big is going to happen.” Reuben tapped his fingers against his thigh.

“You think something is coming?” Alejandro frowned at him.

“Yeah. I can feel it.” He’d had this feeling for weeks. The only problem was that he didn’t know whether what was coming was going to be good or bad.

“Whatever it is, I will keep Cat safe.”

“But will Cat do as she’s told?” Reuben asked.

“Catarina is a good girl. She does what I tell her.”

Reuben stepped out as the elevator doors opened.

Right into a web of falling spiders.

He sighed. Cat.

And as if that wasn’t enough, something cold and slimy landed on his head. He shuddered, resisting the urge to reach up and wipe his hair.

Instead, he turned to Alejandro.

Did the other man just hide a smile?

“Did you know?” he asked as he heard giggling in the distance.

“No. Of course not. I would never have allowed this. Kitten!” Alejandro yelled, walking inside.

Reuben noted how Alejandro, The Scot, and Cairn looked up and around cautiously. As though they expected more spiders. Or slime.

“Rafael!” Alejandro called out.

“I’ll get her,” Rafael grumbled, stalking past. “But I had nothing to do with this.”

“You could have warned us,” Reuben said to the large, tattooed bodyguard.

“I’m her bodyguard, not yours. Deal with it.”


“Come on,” Alejandro told him. “You can clean up while I scold my Kitten.”

Scold? The brat needed a good, hard spanking.

But Reuben knew better than to suggest that.

He wasn’t an idiot.

Reuben walked into the spare bedroom wearing just a towel. He’d occasionally used this room before buying his own apartment in Manhattan and thankfully, he’d left some clothes in the wardrobe.

“Papacito rico,” a feminine voice said. “You’ve got some nice muscles for a guy who sits behind a desk all day.”

For fuck’s sake.

“Great. I really didn’t want to die tonight, Cat,” he grumbled as he set down the towel he’d been using on his hair.

“Why would you die tonight?” she asked.

She was sitting on the bed with a freaking bowl of ice cream in her lap.

Oh yeah, Alejandro had really scolded her. That was clear to see.

“Because Alejandro is going to murder me when he finds me half-dressed in a bedroom with his wife,” he said dryly.

She waved her spoonful of ice cream through the air. Drips fell onto the bed cover.

Reuben liked things a certain way. He enjoyed order and control.

Cat was chaos personified. She was a wildcard. He never knew what she might do next.

She wasn’t the sort of woman he could ever be with. Hopefully, Alejandro remembered that after he discovered her in here.

“Papi won’t kill you, Reuby. He loves you.”

“Don’t call me Reuby,” he grumbled as he gathered up his clothes and stomped back into the attached bathroom.

Please don’t be there when I get out.

His prayers weren’t answered. Cat was actually licking the bowl when he walked back in.

“Cat,” he grumbled.

She glanced up, sticky ice cream around her mouth. “What?”

“What are you doing in here?” His hands twitched with the need to clean her up.

She is not your responsibility.

“Cat! Where are you?” Alejandro’s voice thundered through the room.

Reuben found himself longing for his quiet apartment for some peace and quiet.

“She’s in here,” he yelled out as he sat to put his shoes on.

He’d prefer not to die with bare feet. Just a strange quirk he had.

The door banged open and Alejandro entered. His gaze narrowed as he took them in. “What the fuck is going on in here?”

“Papi!” Cat smiled and held her arms up. “Up.”

“Catarina,” Alejandro said warningly.

“What?” she asked innocently.

“What are the two of you doing in a bedroom together?” Alejandro asked.

“We were about to have a wild affair, of course,” Cat replied.

Reuben raised his eyes heavenward. “All I ask is that you give me the chance to call my sister and say goodbye.”