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From the moment Grim looks at Eve, he knows he wants her. All of his life, he has only known true evil. It was why he was able to rise the ranks and become the man that he is today. No one dared to betray him. If they did, they only knew him to be cruel, a true monster—a bully.All she did was help a stranger. A man with a flat tire.One date turned into another, and now, she is married to the love of her life. Only, Grim is not who he says he is.One year, Eve thought she was married to a respectable business man called Graham. He’s called Grim, and there is nothing good about him. She now knows the truth. He is a dangerous man, and she wants a divorce. The only problem is, she is still in love with him. He is no different from the man she married. Grim will not let her go without a fight. But while focusing on his wife, an enemy has risen up. When they threaten his wife, there is no holding back. He promised his wife he would protect her. Anyone who threatens her, will be dead.Will Eve be able to forgive and finally accept who her husband is?

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Chapter One

In all his life, Grim has only ever known the true evil of the world. People are not good. They’re not pure. They’re not worthy of his time, or even caring if he hurts them. He knew of both men and women who would stab him in the back while also pretending to be a close friend and ally.

They all wanted to hurt him, kill him, take his place, and he was more than happy to let them try. Everyone failed. They didn’t understand why. At forty years old, his place as king had been tested multiple times. They didn’t seem to understand that he had absolutely nothing to lose. There was nothing for him to fight for, other than his life. He happened to enjoy his life, but he didn’t give a shit if he died. People lived, people died, and in between there was fucking betrayal, and all the other yummy goodness. There was no middle ground for him. Only one way. His way.

He didn’t keep a tally of the people he’d killed, because there were a-fucking-lot of them, also, he didn’t care who he killed. It was just a number. The people had deserved to die, and he wasn’t going to cry for them.

He was often described as cold, unfeeling, a demon sent from Hell, a bully, cruel, mean, everything he didn’t give a shit about. Grim was aware people feared him, and again, he didn’t care.

Life was hard. And if people wanted to deal with him, then they were going to have to deal with the consequences. He didn’t force anyone.

People only found him if they were looking to do something bad. Fighting, gambling, drug use, women. He was the entry point into the dark world, but he did have limits—rare of him to have those, but he did. Children were an absolute no-no. Anyone who wanted to deal with children in any form, be it labor or sexual abuse, tended to find themselves facedown in a river or cut to pieces. Children were off the market.

He also didn’t deal with rape or forcing women. So, human trafficking was off the market as well. He fucking despised those men, and if they tried to deal in his city, he fucked them up.

Grim loved to meddle. He loved to annoy, irritate, and destroy. There was a great deal of satisfaction for him in ruining people’s lives, in watching them crumble. Especially when it was someone who was considered a holier-than-thou kind of soul. They were the funniest to see destroyed. People needed to understand that evil took many different forms, and not all of them were good. He was more than happy to reveal other people’s true colors. In fact, he rather relished it.

Everyone he knew had an evil story, a dangerous past, or something that made them just short of perfect.

Knowing this, he couldn’t fucking grasp why he was once again parked outside an animal rescue shelter, waiting for a glimpse of her.

Eve Donald was twenty-five years old with the longest blonde hair he’d ever seen. Glossy, thick, gorgeous, the kind of hair he would love to have wrapped around his fist as he plowed into her tight pussy. Shaking the visual from his mind, he couldn’t forget the blue eyes that seemed so pure and sparkly as she had smiled at him.

Then her voice—sweet, a little deep—the kind that could read him a bedtime story and keep him completely enraptured. The moment he had seen her, Grim wanted her, and this was fucking terrifying.

Women were easy for him. One snap of his fingers, and they were putty in his hands. They all wanted a piece of him, and he was more than happy to oblige. Pussy was always willing, always free, and he didn’t even have to have the same woman every night, or even within the same hour. He could certainly change it up to suit his need.

But since meeting Eve, he had a bit of a problem.

He had tried to call upon the women he enjoyed, but none of them appealed. Just Eve, his mystery woman, who he had met by accident one week ago. Since then, he hadn’t fucked another woman, couldn’t think of another woman.

Eve dominated his thoughts to the point that he had gotten a full document detailing every element of her life. He knew she had graduated high school, but after her parents’ untimely death during a hit-and-run at a garage, she was left alone.

She had no choice but to sell her parents’ house and move into a small apartment. College was out of the question. For two years, she had done odd jobs, until she had dedicated herself to working between animal shelters, care homes, and volunteering at the hospital.

While he was the epitome of evil, Eve, was … good. It was fucking hilarious to him that he was obsessed with a woman who was his complete opposite. She had become an obsession to him, and now he sat, once again, outside the animal shelter, waiting for a chance to see her. It was cold as well. They were nearing winter.