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Fletcher Wild wants the one woman he shouldn’t go after.

She’s my boss’s daughter.
She’s off-limits.
She’s going to be mine.

I wasn’t prepared for Delilah Taylor. Settling down was never on my radar. Almost getting caught with my mouth and hands on her body were definitely not in my plans. Now that I’ve had a taste of her, I’m rethinking every single f*cking thing.

Tory is bringing you Fletch’s story. You saw him help his friends in the Wild Johnson Brothers. Now, it’s Fletcher’s turn to fall fast and hard! This man in uniform isn’t afraid to use his handcuffs when it comes to making Delilah his.

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Three Days Earlier

Delilah Taylor is a temptation a man like me doesn’t want or need. I’m not the settling-down type, or I wasn’t. I’ve left that to a few of my brothers. I’d much rather stay single and continue going after the next thrill. Whether it be in the form of working undercover, bungee jumping off a bridge, sky diving—and I’ve done it enough not to need a tandem partner—or swimming with sharks. Still, the light-blonde-haired beauty with blue eyes, lush lips, and a smattering of freckles along her nose and cheeks is hard to deny.

I had one taste of her lips, felt her body pressed against mine as her soft pomegranate fragrance permeated the small area surrounding us. Fuck, I can still remember her scent days later. Delilah went to my head faster than my next adrenaline rush; never mind the preferred liquor I like to drink. Only the noises of the police station put a stop to our time together. My hands were fisted in her hair, she had her legs wrapped around my waist, and my cock was rock fucking hard pressed up against her center.

Delilah Taylor is meant for fantasies, my fantasies. I’m talking in the shower with my hand wrapped around my length or in my bed when no one is around, and I can remember exactly how she feels. The woman who has my guts wrapped in knots is off fucking limits in the worst way possible. She’s my boss’ daughter. A boss who just so happens to be the police chief. I knew he had a daughter. Fuck, the whole town did. She’s younger, wasn’t on my radar until he updated the picture he has on full display on his desk. Still, she hadn’t come to the station since she left for college, and I wasn’t prepared for the up close and personal welcome I received. Our heated moment was interrupted by Delilah’s dad calling her name and mentioning to the other police officers he wanted to introduce her to the newer deputies.

The small oops that escaped her mouth made my dick instantly deflate. We’d barely exchanged glances before I was going after her. Never in my life did I act like a dog in heat with so much as a look and a lingering touch. I also didn’t think I’d be helping the damsel in distress when Delilah was attempting to open the supply closet. The attraction hit me like a ton of fucking bricks; it also had me shaking my head in disbelief. She scurried around me, acting like she wasn’t rubbing herself along my body only moments ago. She was so close to coming, another minute or so and I’d have had another memory to jack my cock to.

I did what any smart man would do: I kept my hands to myself and got out of town the very next day. I fucking ran. Luckily for me, I had a lot of hours banked over the course of the year. The chief of police’s daughter—only I would have that kind of luck in our too small town of Peach Springs, Georgia. There isn’t another police station within a decent amount of time from our family homestead, let alone my own house.

Now that I’ve been gone a few days, maybe coming home won’t be so bad. And yeah, I ran away like a fucking coward with his tail tucked between his legs. I couldn’t trust myself to be around Delilah. The attraction is too fucking strong, and wanting to keep my job is too fucking valuable. I hopped on a plane and flew to Wyoming, where my buddy Lawson Johnson and his family live. A perfect opportunity for clearing my head, to help them out with an issue his younger brother had with a rogue fucking veterinarian. It’s always something with that clan. Hell, the same could be said for my own brothers. Luckily, none of them have come calling asking to get out of a speeding ticket or anything else lately.

What I wasn’t prepared for was stepping off the plane in our small rural airport and my phone ringing the minute I turn the thing back on. I look down at the screen and see it’s my boss.

“Hello, Chief,” I answer, holding my breath.

“Hey, Wild, are you back in town?” he asks, cutting to the chase. Chief Taylor calls all his deputies by our last name. What I’m wondering is why he’s calling to ask me if I’m here.

“Just got off the plane. Everything okay at the station?” I figure it’s work even though I’m not on the clock until tomorrow.

“Yeah. Delilah is stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. I’m two hours away, and she can’t get the damn lug nuts loose.” Fuck me, fuck this, fuck everything.