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The Game Series, #14 | Doll Parts Sequel | MMMM | M/s | DD/lb | Hurt/Comfort
Grab your favorite stuffie and join Cam, Lucian, KC, and Noa as they jump over life’s hurdles together with their kinky friends as support. Brat shenanigans are to be expected, starting with an Easter Egg Hunt—that has a twist—and continue until they’re off on their Caribbean cruise.

I could admit, when my boyfriend and I finally got together with our Master and Daddy Dom, I’d thought that this was it. I was going to cruise through the rest of my life high on love.

Six months later, I knew that the reality of a happily ever after was much more complex, messy, and beautiful. I learned to see it in the little things. Like in the smiles between Master and Daddy that whispered of their thirty-year-long friendship, in how my boyfriend lit up when he got a new stuffie, and in how we painted the walls of our home with all the raw emotions life brought. I saw it in the way our dynamics evolved, how we truly were four parts of a whole, and how we overcame obstacles.

We did have one obstacle we couldn’t postpone any longer. My boyfriend still hadn’t told his mother that he wasn’t dating only me. He was dating her ex-husband, the man who’d been his stepfather. We also had to convince our Master to cut down on work because he was stressing himself out, and his blood pressure was already high.

Then one night, I lost my footing when he collapsed and an ambulance drove off with him.

We couldn’t be us without him. If one was missing, we were just…parts.


The Game Series is a BDSM series where romance meets the reality of kink. Sometimes we fall for someone we don’t match with, sometimes vanilla business gets in the way of kinky pleasure, and sometimes we have to compromise and push ourselves to overcome trauma and insecurities. No matter what, one thing is certain. This is not a perfect world—and maybe that’s why the happily ever after feels so good.

The characters in the Game Series cross over in multiple books, as we follow not only new love interests but the background friendships and dynamics of a thriving kink community. This is the second story that follows KC, Noa, Cam, and Lucian. Parts of Us is best enjoyed if you’ve read Doll Parts first.

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A couple months ago

Cameron Jacobson

“Forgive me—I’m rambling,” Archie laughed softly. “What step are you on?”

“No problem! Step twelve—putting the dish in the oven.” I grinned to myself and closed the oven, then set the timer for forty-five minutes. “You?” I went to wash my hands and push play on my background playlist again.

“Almost there too. Just adding the Parmesan.”

I dried my hands before I adjusted the earbuds. “To sum up, we’ve had a great holiday, we need a new book for our book club, and it’s nice to get back to normal routines.”

He chuckled. “Exactly. I mean, I loved meeting Master’s family, but they’re such a wild bunch. When one yells, there’s no one to tell them to lower their voice. No, they shout even louder.”

That cracked me up, ’cause he was just describing Noa. And, to an extent, KC. KC could definitely meet Noa at his level. “I have two people like that in my life. Noa and my cousin Parker—and KC gets an honorary mention. Don’t let the corporate lawyer schtick fool you.”

Good thing I was home alone, because KC and Noa would include me in the same group, which was so fucking wrong. I had my tiny brat moments—nothing more.

“Like Sloan!” Archie exclaimed. “Because Master’s usually the hell-raiser, Sloan comes off as the calmer of the two. But that’s just setting the bar low. Sloan can push buttons like mad—which you obviously know.”

I sure did. I snickered under my breath.

In the background, I heard Master Greer going, “Who you callin’ hell-raiser, baby?”

I grinned and started wiping down the counter. Master would be home in about half an hour, so I had time to prepare his appetizer too.

“Definitely not you, Owner,” Archie teased. “I’m talking to Cam. We’re cooking together.”

“I see.” Greer’s voice sounded closer, and it was soon followed by an audible kiss between the two. “Hey, pet. Everythin’ good?”

“Yes, Sir. How are you?” I smiled and opened the fridge to haul out the ingredients. “Archie told me you spoiled each other over Christmas.”

“Good and proper,” he confirmed with a chuckle. “If you ask me, Corey went overboard. He—hold on.” There was some commotion in the background, a mix of dogs barking and a kid crying. “I’ll be right there, sweetheart! Oi, Jason—your sister’s upset. Don’t just walk past her. Where’s Kyla?”

“Corey has her. They’re upstairs. Shoo, Sir.” Archie clearly wanted his phone privacy back, and I waited, amused, until things quieted down again.

By then, I had everything out for Master’s antipasto platter.

Since he’d told me his doctor wanted him to cut down on salt and red meat—according to Master, there was “slight concern” about stress and “slightly elevated” blood pressure—I’d done my best to serve him less antipasti. But it was difficult because he loved his charcuterie, olives, marinated artichokes, and stuff like that.

And call me a fretter, but when someone overused the word “slightly,” it raised a red flag or two.

He was going back to the doctor next week, and I could only hope things hadn’t gotten worse. I couldn’t actually believe it, because he hadn’t worked less. He hadn’t made an effort to sleep better. His hours at the office remained insane.

For now, I kept it all to myself.

Instead of an appetizer, Archie was preparing a loaf of bread and side salads with their dinner, so we chatted about upcoming events while we worked. He and Macklin were hoping to put together a cooking class at some point, and Archie and I wanted to plan a demo about going the extra mile for our Owners.

Archie couldn’t decide which topic to go with. “I mean, I feel like body worship has been covered—and I say that as a complete newbie in the community. But it’s usually the first kink that pops up.”

That was true.

I placed two slices of brie on the plate before moving on to the olives. “We could also do two examples of my idea.” I threw that out there. “It doesn’t have to be a huge, elaborate event. Sometimes, we just wanna share some tips and tricks.”

Archie hummed, thinking it over. “I suppose… Actually, our versions of that would look different, so it’s not a bad idea. Luxury unboxing for you, special teatime for me.”

I laughed. “Luxury unboxing—let’s fucking call it that.”

He laughed too. “I don’t know how else to describe it! When you first told me about it, it sounded so posh and luxurious.”

And his version didn’t? Please.

I’d seen the pictures he uploaded online sometimes, how he spoiled his Owners rotten with snacks served on silver trays, little sugar bowls and jams and freshly baked scones. His food porn was like stepping into Victorian England or something.

“Discreetly changing the topic, by the way,” Archie went on. “How did the meeting go with your boss?”

“I haven’t had it yet—officially—but we talked in the cafeteria at work before the holidays, and he doesn’t foresee any problems,” I replied. “I’m gonna see him first thing on Monday.”