Wanted (Wrong Side of the Tracks #5) Read Online K.A. Merikan

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“I’m pretty sure he likes d!ck. Now I just need to make him realize it.”

Liver. F*ckboy extraordinaire. Race car driver. Cocky. Horny. Would kill for his best friend.

Knox. Kickboxer with a chip on his shoulder and a heart condition. Crybaby. Would get rid of a body for his best friend.

Wanted for questioning in connection to a murder.

Possibly-maybe in love with each other and too dumb to see it.

Liv never meant to kill anyone. It was an accident. What was he supposed to do when his best friend’s life was at stake?

As much as Knox appreciates the whole saving his life thing, they’re now wanted by the cops, on the run, homeless, hungry, and miserable. At least they have each other.

They hope to find shelter in a vast junkyard, instead they witness a crime and are about to get dunked in acid.

But they’ve overheard that the owner of the place shelters gay guys.

So Liv does the most logical thing. He pretends to be Knox’s boyfriend to get their lives spared. Knox might not like it, but what choice do they have once they started lying?

Only that touching Knox starts an avalanche of new feelings and desires Liv never anticipated. His dick is on board even before his brain is.

Now, all he needs to do is convince Knox that there’s nothing wrong in exploring this new attraction. Sadly, Knox can be as stubborn as he is pretty, but Liv wasn’t called the trailer park prince for nothing.

He’ll do whatever it takes to make Knox see the light.

And by light, he means his dick.


bi-awakening, gay-awakening, best friends to lovers, internalized homophobia, coming out, first times, fake dating, partners in crime, dark humor, jealousy, idiots to lovers, oblivious to love, fake relationship, found family, afraid to commit, illegal racing, poverty

Scorching hot, gritty M/M romance

~125,000 words (Standalone)

This story contains scenes of violence, offensive language and morally gray characters.

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Chapter 1


“So, you're telling me you're not having sex with me because you have to pick up my loser ex whose useless car is broken? I thought he was the one with the sex drive of a dried worm,” Amanda said, flapping her arms as if this could prevent her crash with reality.

Her voice drilled into Liv’s ear like a hungry cockroach, but after a week of dating, it’d become white noise. Ignoring her moaning, Liv checked all the kitchen cupboards, and then the little hanger with kitchen utensils, but the car keys remained lost while the wolf-shaped clock ticked away the seconds remaining until the end of Knox’s shift.

“There’s a cucumber in the fridge, if you’re so insatiable,” he mumbled, walking over to the sofa at one end of the trailer and pushing his fingers between the limp cushions. He needed to get going, because it was almost 2 a.m., and Knox would be losing his shit if his ride home failed to arrive on time.

Amanda clutched at her hair and let out a frustrated roar, as if she were forced to deal with someone’s unruly kid. “You’re such a shithead! I’d dump you if your dick wasn’t worth its weight in gold.”

When Liv ignored her, turning away, a pillow hit the back of his head and fell to the sticky floor he’d been meaning to wash since the party last Friday. He glared at her but she only gave him a self-satisfied smirk, as if making him acknowledge her presence was already a win. Liv took a deep breath and pushed down his anger, because this wasn’t the time to deal with Amanda’s bullshit. He could have sworn he’d left the keys on the windowsill, like always. Short hair tickled his palm as he rubbed his head in frustration.

“Are you sure you haven’t seen them? There’s a little hot rod keychain attached to them.” A gift from Knox for his twenty-first birthday two years back. The paint was scraped off in a few spots, but the little accessory remained one of his favorite possessions. Too bad he couldn’t call it with his phone to locate the damn keys!

Amanda, who at this point wore a tiny skirt and nothing else, rolled over on the sofa, briefly attracting Liv’s attention with her perky little breasts. “Why do you care anyway? If he really was your best friend, we would have never gotten together.”

A scowl twisted his lips, but she couldn’t see it anyway when he peeked under the paint-splattered table he and Knox used for DIY projects.

This attitude was exactly why he chose to fuck bro code and sleep with her in the first place. Knox had fallen for her pretty eyes (and lies) far too easily, and he didn’t deserve to have his heart stomped on by a woman who didn’t respect him or care about him.

Amanda had been shooting Liv flirty glances since the very start of that relationship, and since Knox was too stubborn to believe his best friend, the only way to get him out of that mess had been to force the truth in his face.

And… well, Liv had been fucking Amanda since, so now Knox hated them both. Maybe in time, he would understand that Liv did him a favor. For now though, Amanda’s pussy was enough of a distraction to ignore all her other qualities for a while longer. Tonight, though, she was really testing him.

“I’ll pick him up even if I have to walk there. So, I’m asking you again: have you seen the keys?”

“No. Why can’t he take an Uber or something? Is he that broke?” Amanda rolled her eyes and pulled on her nipple as if she thought she could seduce Liv into staying.

Fat chance.

Liv might have the sex drive of a feral dog, but he was also as loyal as one when it mattered, and his best friend came first… even though he had told Liv to go to Hell just last week. Fortunately, they shared one trailer and couldn’t part just like that, which offered enough of a cooldown period to mend Knox’s wounded pride. Or so Liv hoped.

They’d shared this place for the past four years, since their parents had gotten together, forming the most dysfunctional of couples. But Knox and Liv? They fit together like bacon and eggs. Brothers from other mothers and all that. Liv would always have Knox’s back, whether that entailed lying to the cops or fucking his girlfriend to shake him out of his pointless infatuation.

They would eventually move on from this.

“He’s not broke,” Liv lied, “But it’s a waste to pay so much money for a ride when I have a perfectly good car.”

“He’s not broke? When’s the last time you looked at his shelf in the fridge? That man’s idea of a meal is old pizza and half a jar of Nutella.” Amanda’s laugh was like a series from a shotgun. It sounded just like it had when she’d scolded Knox for having a messy haircut.