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One woman, determined to stay single for life…Meets two Kindred warriors looking for a mate.When they visit a famous alien artist looking for a MuseWill Lili end upPosing for Their Pleasure?Tropes--MFM, They Fall First, Touch her and Die, Fated Mates, Curvy FMC, Forced Proximity**This is a STAND ALONE novel set in the Kindred UniverseLilibet Trainer is SFL—Single For Life. After getting away from a horrible husband she’s decided to go it on her own. But when an attacker chases her into the arms of two huge Kindred warriors, will she change her mind?Fights Darkness and Treads Lightly—Dark and Light for short—are visiting Earth for the first time. Because emotions are punishable by death on their home world of Z4, they are just now starting to have feelings. And seeing the curvy Lili being chased by an attacker definitely brings up all kinds of new emotions—namely the desire to protect and possess her.Not wanting to let the curvy little human go, Light and Dark volunteer to take Lili on a trip to visit a famous alien art collector. But when the collector suggests that the three of them make some art together, will Lili end up…Posing for their Pleasure?Author's Note--my FMC gets into some sticky situations that may upset anyone who has ever been attacked in the past but I promise it all works out in the end. Please Read Responsibly Hugs, Evangeline

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Lilibet Trainer cast a swift glance over her shoulder to see if the man was still following her. To her relief, she saw nothing—just a dark street dimly lit by the orange glow of the sodium arc streetlights overhead.

Her heart, which had been beating like a drum for the past three blocks, finally slowed its frantic pace. Good, she must have finally lost him! Or maybe he hadn’t been following her at all—maybe it was just her imagination running away with her.

She took a deep breath as she tried to still her pounding heart. It was a ridiculous position to find herself in—a problem partially of her own making. She’d forgotten her cell phone in her hotel room and then had decided to try and find her way to the bar her colleagues had asked her to come to without it, because she was sure she could find it with no problem. After all, the directions she’d gotten were clear and she’d been all over Ybor City—the historic part of Tampa—earlier that day.

During the daylight hours, Ybor seemed like a charming, if slightly dirty, tourist trap. An endless string of quaint little eateries interposed with souvenir shops and bars where you could get day drunk on bottomless Margaritas and two-for-one Daiquiris.

But during the night, as Lili was finding out, it had a more sinister atmosphere. The bars and clubs and all-night tattoo parlors, advertised with glaring neon signs, attracted rowdy crowds of partiers who shoved and pushed and laughed and fought in the middle of the street.

That was on the main strip of Ybor, however. Somehow Lili had gotten away from the crowded areas, which probably wasn’t a good idea since she was sure the man had been following her since she’d left her hotel.

“But he’s gone now,” she muttered to herself. “And The Blind Turtle must be around here somewhere.”

She peered around the darkened street. Up an alleyway to her left, she could hear the shouts and laughter of the drunken crowd. It was a weekend, which made things even crazier—at least according to the bartender at the hotel bar who had given her directions.

It was at the bar that Lili had first noticed the man—he was big and burly—at least six foot four, and he probably outweighed her by a substantial amount, even though she was a curvy girl with a dress size in the double digits. He had sent Lili a glass of wine—which she had politely refused, telling the bartender that she was meeting friends and to please tell the man thanks but no thanks.

But that hadn’t been the end of it. Instead of gracefully accepting that she didn’t want the wine he had sent her, the man had left his end of the bar and come to sit right beside her.

“Hey, so is white wine not your thing, darlin’?” he asked, leering at her in what he must think was a flirtatious manner.

“No, I’m just not drinking tonight,” Lili said stiffly. She wished the bartender would come back and tell the guy to leave her alone, but he was deep in conversation with another patron at the other end of the bar about what IPAs he had on tap.

“Watching your weight, are you?” He looked her up and down. “Yeah, I can see why. I’m a personal trainer, you know. You’re a pretty solid seven but if you come work out with me, maybe drop some of that puppy-fat, I could get you up to an eight or nine, easy.”

Lili had seldom been so offended.

“Puppy-fat?” she had demanded, turning to face him. “What is that supposed to mean? Are you a personal trainer or a dog trainer?”

“Depends on who I’m training, darlin’.” He gave her a lascivious look that made Lili’s skin crawl. “You want to come back to my room and be my sweet little bitch?”

Lili had given him a disgusted look. Part of her was screaming that she ought to be careful—that this man might be dangerous. But she had never been good at keeping her thoughts to herself.

“Does that line ever work? I can’t imagine it would unless the woman you’re using it on has absolutely no self esteem,” she said flatly.

“Yeah? Well a fat bitch like you shouldn’t have any self-esteem!” His face had taken an ugly look and he leaned closer to her, forcing Lili to lean away from him. “Look at you—you’re fucking disgusting! Don’t know why I ever wasted my time, you fat fucking pig!”

Then he had stormed out of the hotel bar, apparently without paying his tab because the bartender called after him, shouting for him to come back. The man ignored him, however and Lili was left alone at last.

She had tried to keep her chin up, though it was horribly embarrassing to be shouted at and called a “fat bitch” and a “fucking pig” in front of a bar full of people. It was true, she wasn’t thin but she owned her curves. It wasn’t her fault she’d been built like a statue of an ancient fertility goddess or a painting by Rubens and she wasn’t going to starve herself to please some man—especially not a man like that.