The Next-Door Neighbor – Steamy Shorts Read Online Lena Little

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I fu*king hate my next-door neighbor, Piper.She always turns her nose up whenever we bump into each other in the hallway, tells me to lower my music when I can barely hear it myself, finds something wrong with me, and glares at me every chance she gets. It’s like she gets offended by the very air I breathe.It shouldn’t turn me on, but it does.Especially since it’s hard to ignore just how beautiful she is, how her eyes light up when she’s genuinely happy, or how she tries to mask her sadness with anger.I fu*king hate Piper.Mostly because she ignores me.So I do what every mature, self-respecting man in his mid-30s does when he’s attracted to someone who won’t ever give him the time of day—I piss her off, then flirt with her, then ask her out.Piper thinks I’m joking.She never says no, just rakes her eyes up and down my body and turns her back on me with a scoff.Fine, Piper. Fine. I get the message.Challenge accepted.

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“Oh my God. Why is there a pig in the hallway?” Piper shrieks, face burning bright red, eyes staring daggers at me, nostrils flaring.

Jesus Christ. How can a woman look this beautiful even when she’s all riled up? I can’t stop staring at her, even more so when she crosses her arms over her chest, unknowingly pressing her tits together and making my cock twitch.

Now’s not the time to get hard, boy. Let’s wait until I’m alone in the shower.

But the increasing hardness is evidence that I have no control over my body’s reaction when it comes to Piper. None. That has always been a problem.

She’s wearing a short pale pink sundress and matching ballet flats. Her long blonde hair falling in waves over her shoulder and back. Her ice-blue eyes pulling me once again into their depths. Her red, full lips pressed together in a thin line. The freckles across her nose and cheeks become more prominent when she’s annoyed or pissed off.

Like right now.

“Chill, lady. He’s my pet, and he has as much right to be here as me and you.”

I sit on my haunches and run a hand through Thor’s wiry coat. His eyes meet mine, and he grunts in agreement. I can’t help but smile.

“Your pet? The landlady let you keep a pet?”

With my hand still on Thor’s back, I let my gaze sweep from her shoes to her face. “Yeah, why?”

“Why did she say my parrot will only disturb the neighbors? Fifi only says hello and goodbye.”

“Yeah, well, Thor says neither. He’s a quiet, peaceful pet. He may grunt sometimes, but most of the time, you won’t even know he’s there. Also, who names their parrot Fifi?”

Piper taps her foot and raises one eyebrow. “You’re one to talk. Who names their pig Thor? He doesn’t even look like a Thor.”

Standing up to my full height, I raise both palms to her, my face in mock outrage. “Woah, woah, woah. Pretty judgmental, are we?” I lower my voice and dart my eyes to Thor. “No one shames Thor in front of me, and he’s pretty sensitive so you may want to keep those thoughts to yourself.”

She rolls her eyes and expels an exasperated breath, the air whooshing through her bangs. God, it’s adorable and effortlessly sexy. “Just… Why do you have that? Who has pigs as pets? Can’t you just get a cat or something? You know, like a normal human being?”

“Piper, Thor is the sweetest swine in the world. Besides, this is just a temporary living arrangement.”


“Mrs. Bernards asked me to look after it because her husband kept badgering her to turn Thor into bacon.”

The corner of her mouth twitches, and her cheeks dimple with the effort to stop herself from cracking a smile. She clearly struggles to keep a straight face.

Come on, Piper. Smile for me, baby. You know you want to.

She probably realizes how close she is to laughing because she huffs and lifts the grocery bag from the floor. “Just make sure he stays out of my way, especially when I’m bringing stuff. If he slams into me, I’m turning him into breakfast myself.”

Piper turns her back on me, but I call out, “Have breakfast with me, then. I’ll buy you bacon, and I promise I’m a fun company.”

She doesn’t respond or turn around, just continues to walk to her door, her hips swaying slightly, her calves flexing with each step.

Jesus, it’s been five months since I first met her, and my obsession only keeps growing. It’s not healthy for me, but goddammit, I can’t stop. And if I’m being honest with myself, I don’t think I want to.

This has been a typical interaction for us. A norm between next-door neighbors if you can call it that.

We banter—okay, argue about pretty much anything and everything—then I flirt with her, and it always ends with her retreating and not rising to my bait. At this point, I’ll probably get thrown off my game if she says yes.

The problem is, this is not a bait. Not really. It’s real. My feelings are real. Me asking her out is not a joke, but I try to throw it like it is because she never takes me seriously. Besides, it’s the only way she’ll notice me. I prefer Piper being annoyed with me than ignoring me any day. Pathetic, I know.

But at least I try. Every single time we see each other, I try. Who knows? Maybe one day she’ll eventually see me as more than just dirt under her shoe.

“Wait! Hold the door.”

I raise my head to find Piper sprinting towards the closing doors of the only elevator in the building, arms flailing. Of course, she’s wearing high heels, and I wonder how she can run in them like she’s not scared of breaking her neck.