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I don't need to do this, but I heard this auction was too good to pass up. When I was invited, I knew I had to go. The premise is simple. Bid on what you want based on information only. You don't get to see the merchandise beforehand.
No refunds. No exchanges. No returns.
I was not expecting to purchase the love of my life, but I shouldn't have been surprised. After all, that Jorgensen magic has never failed... well just that once. Sorry cousin Bill. You're all good now.
The life I lead is hard, but I love harder.
I fell in love sight unseen. That's what this is all about.
I don't need to this but I want to. Things at home are... not awful but I want change. I want adventure. I want something my sister would never dare reach for. In fact, I want it all. The idea behind this is simple. Get bought based on my bio only. Should be a cinch. On paper, I'm golden.
College graduate... check
Virgin... check
Rich as sin... check
Up for anything... check
Can't/won't say no...check and check
Willing to relocate... check
Flexible... check
Thank goodness this isn't based on looks, but I digress. Let's move on. I wasn't expecting to be bought by the hottest Viking this side of Sweden, but I was. I wasn't expecting to fall head over heels in love with him but I did. I can't believe I fell in love with the man who owns me, but that's what this is all about after all.
This is book two in the Sight Unseen Series by ChaShiree M. & M.K. Moore
Be sure to check out Book One, Seen By Larabee by ChaShiree M.

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Magnus Jorgensen

“You’re going alone, Boss?” my right hand, Bo, asks, looking at me like I’m crazy.

“Yes. You think I can’t handle myself?” I ask, my voice deadly serious.

“It’s not that. Of course, it’s not that,” he says, backtracking.

“Then what is it?”

“You don’t know what you are walking into over there. It could be an ambush.”

“It’s an auction, Bo.”

“Yeah. What’s that about, Boss?”

“What do you mean?”

“Normally, we’re putting a stop to these. Why are you patronizing it?”

“I didn’t say I was buying,” I reply, and that’s the thing. I don’t know why I’m doing this. I can’t stop thinking about it since I heard about it. I’ve done my due diligence. I know there are elements of this auction that I won’t agree with, but I’m not going to that underground shit. Something… I’m unsure what it is telling me. All I’m sure of is that I need to be in Budapest in three days, so that’s where I’ll be.

“I don’t like this at all.” The mutinous look in his eye and tone tells me I’ve given him too much leeway. That ends today.

“Good thing you aren’t the boss, isn’t it? Tell Om I’m ready to see him.” Om Jorgensen is my grandfather’s brother’s late-in-life son. He’s been with me since I started this life of crime a few years ago, and I should have just made him my right hand, which I’m about to do.

“You wanted to see me?” Om says, coming into my open office door.

“I did. How’s Taryn and Aaden?”

“Doing good, but I’m sure you didn’t call me in here to ask me something you can ask me any Sunday at dinner?”

“You’re right, I didn’t. Bo has got to go. Take care of it for me.”


“However you see fit. He’s been questioning everything of late and I won’t have that.”

“It’s done.”

“You’re in charge until I get back on Monday.”

“Of course. Everything will be fine. I’ll have it taken care of before then.”

“Thank you.”

“Welcome to Hungary. Are you here for business or pleasure?” I turn to look at the Hungarian Customs Officer, unsure how to answer his question. My reasons for entering this country are my own, but I know the man is just doing his job. My flight from Anchorage, Alaska, was long. I flew first class, but unless you go private, it still sucks.


“And how long will you be in the country?”

“Two days.”

“Very well. Enjoy Budapest,” he says as he stamps my passport.

“Thank you.”

I take my passport and leave the customs area. Since I only have my overnight bag, I head to the taxi stand and take a waiting cab to my hotel.

I don’t know exactly why I’m here. I keep going back and forth about it. I am not the kind of man that needs to do something like this. I’m Magnus fucking Jorgensen. I don’t need to buy a woman. I don’t feel the need to pay for the services of one in any capacity, whether it be a stripper or a hooker. I run the largest crime family in the Pacific Northwest, and no one knows about it. My family thinks I run a tech firm, and on the surface, I do, but in the dark of night, I do the things that need to be done. I lie, cheat, steal, kill, but I don’t hurt women and don’t fuck with drugs. This right here, this thing I’m about to do, reeks of both hurting women and drugs. I don’t do like things like this. Hell, Jorgensen’s, in general, don’t do things like this. I’m vehemently opposed to anything remotely like this, but when I heard some lowlife scum talking about this auction before I killed him, I knew I had to come and see what it was all about. Why? I couldn’t tell you. The thought took hold, and now I’m in Budapest, in a bar, waiting for the auction to open.