The Torment of Two – Shameful Secrets Read Online K. Webster

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She craves freedom from her overbearing family, and being a student at Park Mountain University is exactly that for her. Until she’s partnered up for an entire semester with a surly, difficult man who despises her immediately for no reason at all. So much for an escape…

At PMU, I can finally be free to be my own person away from the Park family name.
This semester, though, my happiness is threatened when I meet him.
Tristan “Two” Sheridan is a grumpy jerk who nearly runs me over with his hunk of junk car and then has the audacity to blame me.

Our dislike for one another is instantaneous.
Imagine my horror when not only is he in one of my new “blow-off” classes, but I’ve also been partnered up with him for a labor-intensive class project for a huge portion of my grade.
His distaste for me is mild at first, but the second he learns my name, it turns to utter contempt.

Why does he hate me so much?
What did I ever do to earn such nastiness from a man I don’t even know?

Beneath Two’s crankiness are secrets—secrets I plan to uncover. With each encounter, I peel back more of the mysterious layers of the handsome man with the pale gray eyes and find there’s someone likeable deep down beneath. And, despite his grudge against me and my family, I think he can’t help but like me too.

As we spend more time together on our project, and just when I think I’ve got a handle on Two, I start getting harassed by someone else. This person stalks me at every turn, leaving me anonymous creepy notes and promises of a future together.

The stalker is the least of my problems, though. When Two reveals the true reason for hating me—the crushing secret that has tormented him his entire life—my own world is suddenly turned upside down. I feel inadvertently responsible and want to somehow make it all better.

A budding romance burns hot between us as our walls come down, but we have to keep it a secret. My parents will vehemently disprove of our coupling, and his will be utterly destroyed. Under the guise of our project, we’re able to spend stolen moments together, stoking the flames of our growing feelings for one another, keeping the bitter truth from our families.

But my stalker has other nefarious plans that keep escalating in nature.

In order to get help from my father and my brother’s cop fiancée, I will have to come clean. My life may depend on it. Ugly truths will be brought to light and Two’s family will no doubt suffer the consequences. I dread the day I’ll be forced to spill the truth.
Is this thing between me and Two worth all the heartache and pain destined for our future?
Only time will tell…

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Tristan “Two” Sheridan (Nine Years Old)

Santa is real.

I hate Dax for lying and saying he isn’t. Dad always tells me you have to believe to get presents. Does Dax not want presents?

Stupid Dax said he could prove it. That if I went and dug around in my parents’ closet, I’d find them and all the candy that goes in the stocking.

I should have just ignored him, but I have to show him he’s wrong. My dads have never lied to me. They wouldn’t lie about Santa.

The garage door rumbles and then silence falls on our house. Dad said he had to run to the office to help Pops with something and that he’d be right back.

Usually that takes about fifteen minutes.

I’m going to have to hurry.

As soon as I’m sure Dad has left, I rush over to the front windows and peek out just in case. Dad’s SUV speeds away, leaving me to my mission.

Dax is going to feel so dumb when I tell him off when we play Xbox later. I can’t wait to laugh at him until my belly hurts.

Backing away from the window, I peek over at the decorated Christmas tree. There are so many gifts from my dads underneath, all of them wrapped perfectly with matching bows. There’s no way they’d also get me all the stuff Santa buys too. I’d be spoiled and Dad is always worried they’re spoiling me.

I’m telling you.

No freaking way.

I race out of the living room and go straight for my parents’ closet in their bedroom. Dad loves clothes. A lot. Pops built him a humongous closet for all his outfits a couple of years ago. Dax’s mom doesn’t have nearly as many outfits as Dad and she certainly doesn’t have a closet as big as my bedroom.

Dad really, really likes clothes.

I haven’t ever had a need to go into their closet much before. When Dad makes me help with laundry, it’s usually just to fold towels or put my own clothes away. Their closet is boring and filled with dad stuff like boots and ties.