Stay Anyway (Kincaid Brothers #7) Read Online Kaylee Ryan

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Getting pregnant in college wasn’t part of the plan, but I’ll never regret giving birth to the best part of me. Even if my parents did disown me for it.

A fresh start in a small town seems like a good idea, until a handsome stranger shows me a little kindness and has me feeling things, I thought I’d never feel again… things I have no business feeling about a man I just met.

Every time I turn around, Maverick is there. One thing inevitably leads to another and my newfound friend comes with benefits. I'm doing my best to hold it all together, but the truth is, when I see him with my daughter, I know I've already fallen too far.


From the moment Stella rolled into town, she's had my attention. Since that moment, I've been determined to befriend the sexy single mom who's down on her luck.

Stella has fallen on hard times, but something tells me she'll never take a handout. That doesn't mean I'm not going to try to help, so of course I put in a good word to get her a job. She’s smart enough to know I had a hand in it, but that’s what friends are for, right?

With each day that passes, Stella becomes more than just a friend. She's my best friend—who I apparently can't keep my hands off. She's worried we're complicating things, but screw that. Blurred lines or not, I ask her to stay anyway.

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I hate working Saturdays. What I hate even worse is working when I know my entire family is gathered, and I’m not there. I’m used to working long hours, but we usually do it all through the week and try to avoid weekends. However, the weather rained us out two days this week, hence the reason we worked on Saturday.

Yeah, I fucking hate working the weekends.

Not because I go out and party. That’s something I used to do with my brothers, but now that they’re all married, well, all except for me and my twin, Merrick, our nights out look a whole lot different. Not that I mind. I love spending time with my family, and my brothers’ wives and kids are cool as hell.

I’m speed walking to my truck, knowing that my family is waiting for me, and I know that my mom and my sisters-in-law have more food than we can eat waiting for us, and I’m starving.

My phone rings, halting my stride. Fishing it out of my pocket, I grin when I see my brother Ryder’s name on the screen. I’m sure he’s wondering when I’m going to be there. Today is the grand opening of his wife’s boutique. “Yo,” I answer.

“Hey, man. You headed home?” Ryder asks.

“Yeah, I’m walking to my truck now.”

“All right, be safe. Come straight to the boutique.”

“I will. Aw, shit,” I mumble, seeing a car broken down on the side of the road just outside the parking lot. There appears to be a woman standing outside the car, and even from here, I can see the worried expression on her face.

“What’s up?” Ryder asks.

“Nothing. It looks like a woman might be broken down. Flat tire from the looks of it now that I’m closer. I will handle this, and then I’ll be on my way.”

“Be safe.”

“Always.” I end the call and shove my phone back into my pocket. When I reach my truck, I unlock the door and toss my lunch box inside before closing and locking it. Instead of driving to the woman and her broken-down car, I walk. I figure I’ll be less intimidating. However, that still might not be the case. I’m a strange man approaching her. At least I’m still in my uniform shirt, even if the sleeves are cut off. I have a clean one to change into in the back seat of my truck. I knew I’d be heading straight to the boutique opening from work today.

“Hi.” I raise both hands in the air as if I’m being arrested. “My name’s Maverick. Do you need help?”

The woman stops and stares at me. The worry is written all over her face. She opens her mouth, then quickly closes it again.

“I work here.” I nod toward the parking lot and point to the logo on my T-shirt. “I was just getting off work and saw you might need some help.”

She sighs, her body visibly relaxing. “I have a flat tire.”

I nod. “I can see that. Can you pop the trunk? I’ll have the spare put on in no time.” I approach her slowly.

“That is the spare.” She pulls open the back door, and that’s when I notice a baby sleeping in a car seat. “The windows were down,” she explains.

I nod. “I have nieces and nephews; they’re always a bear if you wake them up before they’re ready.”