The Fool (Welcome to the Circus #7) Read Online Lani Lynn Vale

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I don’t know who needs to hear this but take a day off from being the bigger person. Fuck some shit up.Those words were said to him by a stranger in the airport. And from that moment on, he’s only had eyes for her.Too bad they met when she was taking off for three months to parts unknown. Otherwise, Keene Day—yes, that was really his godforsaken name—would’ve tried a little harder to get her info.Lucky for him, fate takes pity on him.They meet over and over again in the airport. First in the security line, then at the terminal where they’re both on the same plane. Finally, after a few delayed flights, an emergency landing, and a six-hour road trip, he finally pulls his head out of his ass long enough to get her info.And over the next few weeks, they talk over the phone and get to know each other.But fate is funny.Just as easily as it can bring you to a person, it can tear them away, too.And Ande Carter’s life is about to take a turn for the worse.But Keene is there for it all. The good, bad, and ugly.Whether she wants him there or not.

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If distance didn’t exist, we’d probably be fucking right now.

-Ande’s secret thoughts


3 years ago

“I can’t believe you made me come here,” I grumbled to my best friend.

Shayne looked over at me with humor sparkling in her eyes. “I swear to you, you’ll love it.”

“How do you know?” I asked.

“Because everyone does. It’s like a Vegas show, but right here in the middle of Texas. People from all over the world are coming to see it.”

I sighed, my eyes once again taking everything in.

“This place is very flamboyant. I don’t know what I was expecting, but not this,” I mused as I took in the buildings made to look like circus tents. There was even dirt on the floor, as if we were outside.

Then there were the balloon people walking around, the booths made to look like trailers that were selling food and drinks, and the man who was walking on stilts handing out glow sticks.

The lighting inside was just as muted as the lighting was outside.

“How do you get to the main tent again?” I asked.

“The signs,” Shayne said, pointing at them.

So we followed those signs, but stopped when we got to the fortune teller line.

“We have thirty minutes,” Shayne said, widening her eyes at me. “Let’s do this.”

I grumbled good naturedly under my breath, but ultimately stood in line with her, fully expecting for her to go and not me.

But when I got to the front, Shayne pushed me ahead of her. “You go first. Then I’ll go.”

Sighing, I decided to placate her.

It wouldn’t do for her to think I wasn’t accommodating. Especially since I’d just chosen where we would be for the next six months. Even knowing she hated the cold.

Montana would be fun. She’d see.


“Have a seat,” the woman urged, her eyes bright and inviting. “What’s your name?”

I looked at Shayne before looking back at the fortune teller.

The hint of blonde was peeking out from underneath her cape, a curly tendril darting back and forth in front of her left eye.

“Ande,” I answered. “Yours?”

Her lips tilted up and she pointed to the sign.

“Madam Val.” My lips twitched. “Sorry, I probably should’ve noticed that bright purple neon sign before now.”

“That’s me,” she confirmed. “Let’s see your palm.”

I handed it to her, and she hummed as she ran her finger over the lines in my hand.

Her lips quirked.

“You have a good handle on your emotions,” she said as she touched a line. “This is your heart line.”

She showed me the line just below my fingers.

“This one is your head line,” she said. “Yours is separated from your life line, meaning you are prone to adventure. And you have a great enthusiasm for life.

“This one is your life line,” she pointed at the next line on my hand. “That circle right there indicates that you may be hospitalized or injured.”

I blinked, surprised. “I haven’t been hospitalized.”

Her eyes held mine for a moment. “You might be.”

I thought about my brother’s hospitalization and cringed.

God, I hoped not.

“This one is your fate line. See how deep and straight it is? That means you’ll be strongly controlled by fate.”

Just then, a man walked through the main court, passing right by Val’s chair and heading toward the main event tent.

My heart literally did a double take when I saw him.

Wow, he was gorgeous.

Tall, strong, and lean.

He wore a pair of tailored black pants, molding perfectly to his body. But not so tight that they didn’t leave just a little bit to the imagination.

He had on black shiny shoes and suspenders. Black suspenders.

Topping the outfit off was a black hat with a red band around the base.

That was it.

No shirt.

He was ripped.

My God was he delicious.

“Looks like fate is sending you a sign.”

I looked back at Val. “Fate’s cruel sometimes. There’s no way that man will be anywhere in my life.”

But it would be cool to dream about, right?


So a burglar broke into the circus. I put the red dot on his chest, and the cat did the rest.

-real life conversations between Keene and his sisters


All six of my sisters were arguing.

Simi, Tony, Hades, Crimson, Val, and Zip.

One would think after thirty plus years of dealing with this constant bickering I’d be used to it by now. Apparently, that was never going to be the case.

“All I’m saying is if you use Coco and Melon in this show, the rest of the group is going to want more of them. They love them, and they’re always very popular, but I thought we were stepping away from the live animal thing,” Hades pointed out.

“That’s true,” Zip sighed.

“But they’re popular! And this is our five-year anniversary!” Tony cried. “Give me your gun, I’m going to shoot her.”

I rolled my eyes.

But speaking of guns…

“Hey, did you know that Coco really, really likes the laser on my gun?” I asked.