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I know an Ace when I see one. And this woman, my Ace of Hearts, is the one play I can’t resist. She’s slick, counting cards and running game in my casino. But no one steals from me without consequence.

Ace may think she’s getting away with it, but I watch her every move. I run the dark side of Vegas, and soon enough I’ll show her just how long my reach truly is. I’m not the only one who wants this sweet little con, but I’m the only one who’ll ever have her.

My Ace of Hearts belongs only to me, whether she knows it or not.

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“She’s back, sir,” Noah informs me. I relax knowing that my little Ace is here. For two days I’ve been trying to find her. “How much are you going to let her steal tonight?” There is an edge to Noah’s tone. He tries to hide it, but it is very hard for anyone to keep anything from me.

Except this little Ace. It’s been fifty-two hours since she walked out of my casino. I thought she would be back sooner.

She managed to get ten grand from my blackjack table. Which is nothing in the big picture. It’s a drop in the bucket for me. Not even a drop.

I spent more than that in my search for her in the last two days. The moment she left my casino, a fear filled me that I couldn’t explain or understand, so I stopped trying. I just knew I needed to find her.

The ID she gave was utter bullshit. From her name to her age and address. All of it is fake. It was a good fake but one, nonetheless. That’s another thing I’ve been searching for, the maker of it. This is Vegas. There are a good dozen operators that make them at that quality. But I’ve been slow in that area. Someone could tip her off. I didn’t need that.

“I have made myself very clear on this issue.” I’m not sure why I’m having this conversation again. I know that Noah is only trying to do his job, but the only thing he’s doing is annoying me.

Noah audibly swallows. He’s not used to my anger being directed toward him.

“Sorry, sir.”

“Get Johnny on whatever table she sits down at.”

“And the decoys?”

I nod.

It’s going to be hard to keep my new obsession under the radar. People are going to whisper about me letting someone come in and openly steal right on my casino floor. It’s not something I would normally tolerate.

Everyone in this town knows better than to steal from me. That there will be consequences. But I’m already finding this little Ace makes me do things way out of character. Her consequences are just going to be far different than anyone else’s.

For now, I informed some of my most seasoned dealers and others I’m using as decoys that this is some sort of test for my security. That they are to play the table as if it’s a real game and not to call anything out. Not that I believe they’ll catch what my little Ace is doing. She’s rather clever. Also, not too greedy in her thievery to draw attention.

My Ace will make sure to lose a few hands here and there. She never bets too big, and lets a few hands she should have easily won slip through her fingers. Even though she’s stealing from me, I respect how meticulous she is in doing so.

I flip on my computer, logging into the security feed. I don’t want to miss a second of seeing her. It doesn’t take me long to spot her when I get to the blackjack table. Johnny, the dealer, asks for her ID. I see him pause, but he lets it go, probably thinking it’s part of the security check I’m doing.

The other night, the dealer hadn’t caught it was a fake. I knew the moment I pulled it up. The security footage was the first place I’d gone to find out who she was. I have the best cameras that money can buy.

I knew I could zoom in on her identification, but all of it was bullshit. The address was to some coffee shop that I’ve had a man watching in case she showed up. But she hasn’t. My little Ace has kept me waiting. Soon she’ll find out that I’m not a patient man. This time I’ll make sure I don’t lose her.

Dropping my suit jacket onto the back of my chair, I roll the sleeves of my shirt up to appear more casual. A weird sensation ripples through me when I step onto the elevator.

Fuck me. I’m nervous. I run my hand down my face. At least that’s what I’m guessing this feeling is. It could be the excitement, I suppose. Knowing that she is finally within my grasp.

What is the girl doing to me? The past two days she’s ruled my world without a clue who I am. Never in my life has someone dominated my thoughts the way she has.

When I enter the casino, a few people glance my way. I give one of the security guards a shake of my head, letting him know not to approach me. He takes a step back, following my order. I don’t want to make a spectacle or take a chance of my little Ace getting spooked. I make my way toward the blackjack tables. A pull I can’t fight is drawing me there.